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New Tomb Radier Trailer + Comment

How can we not love you now Lara Croft? They have taken us back in time to see the start of a marvelous traveler. I must say they’ve also made one of the best trailers I’ve ever seen. To show of what they’ve created, the thoughts of a new Lara and the world she will be thrown in to. Tomb Raider will finally be redefined and reworked, the game really needed it. I loved the first few games, but lately it’s been a bit too much of the good stuff. To see a new setting, a new feel and a new main character is lovely. Thank you!


Alice: Madness Returns – Thoughts on Madness

How can you not love it! I’ve always been a huge fan of the subject madness and insanity, when it comes to games or any kind of entertainment like books or movies. Not only because of the weird things that can happen or take place, but also because of how they portrait the human mind. The latest call of duty even touched on the subject of brainwashing and how this showed up to the main character as visions and planted memories.

Silent Hill 2 is also game that intrigues me. “Everything” in that world was based on the main character James, memories, thoughts, feelings and even his own subconscious. It’s one of the games that I still return to forums from time to time to see what kinds of discussions are going on, or just read up on old ones. How the nuns is about his sexuality, pyramidhead being a creature he summons upon himself to punish him for what he done. IT IS AWESOME.

Alice: Madness Returns seems to have a lot of these hidden meanings as well, or at the very least I hope so. I hope they will let the community find small bits and pieces in the game that explains Alice and her state of mind without revealing it all in the story. It may be that, or it will just be a insane world where Alice uses her knife (and other weapons) to pass through obstacles. Either will be fine, in a way, I guess..

So why did I post all this? Becuase I’ve just seen the latest trailer ofcourse! Enjoy!

10 Minutes Of Starcraft 2 – Heart Of The Swarm

Well it’s not really 10 minutes, but it’s a 10 minute long video with comments and in game photage. It’s looking awesome I tell ya.

Gears Of War 3 – Trailer “Ashes To Ashes”

How can I not post this on a game blog? The trailer seems to be follwing the first game when it comes to emotion and music, calm and thick.

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Under The Radar: Foto Showdown

Konami is currently working on a very interesting title called Photo Showdown. At a first look your head will be skipping a step and just think: Another Pokemon game. The point of the game is to collect monsters, fight with them in tournaments, and trade and fight with them against your friends. Overall a pretty standard layout for the gameplay, as it seems at this very moment it will loose alot of interest becuase of a lacking RPG feel. Ofcourse this is only what I can say from the first few trailers that out on the internet at the moment, so this may be different or change.

What makes the game standout then? As you may have noticed, the word Photo starts the name of the game, and with good reason. To capture monsters you run around in tall grass for random encounters, instead you use the DSi camera to take photos, dependingon the photo it will generate a monster for you. How many monsters and how exactly the photos colors and such will matter, we dont know.

Well here is a few videos to show you what the game is about, and it will be interesting to see how this game turns out. ^^

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Assassins Creed 3?

Is there a possibility? Ubisoft just put a new video on their YouTube channel with the title: “Mysterious Video of Abstergo offices”. There is nothing in the information or in the video that tells us who we are seeing in the vid or what we are supposed to do. An intresting comment on the video mentioned that we might play as Subject 16, which is indeed one of the possibilites here. The graphics are also different from before, maybe this is a game for a handheld? Doesnt seem like it, but it sure is intresting to see where they are taking this.

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Command & Conquer 4 – Review

I’ve been a huge fan of C&C all since it was first released. My preferable story was the one surrounding the Tiberian universe, it was sci-fi filled, interesting and gave us the evil leader Kane. The conflict between GDI and NOD was something that always pushed me forward and wanting to see who gets the upper hand, lately I’ve followed the games mostly for the story, and C&C 4 is supposed to be the conclusion of that story.

Though this is the end, it’s also complete new. There is no base building and the unit cap is very low, at a max you can have 20 units out at the same time. Yet the game has moved away from base building and squads, and now gives you a single walker/building, a crawler, this is your base, construction yard, and at the same time a unit that can aid units around it. Together with this you also have abilities and upgrades for your units overall.

I’ve haven’t been playing multiplayer that much so this review will be mostly around the single player of the game. The storytelling is what it’s always been, using actors between missions to tell you the story that unfolds. Some of them are worse, some of them are better, but it really feels like C&C, so this is just more of the old goodies. Sadly for a game conclusion is a bit short, only 7 missions for each campaign.

Instead of having the option so pick your side right away, you’re given the option after the third tutorial mission that lets you use all the different crawlers, there are three different classes. There is offense, defense and support, all of them giving you the type of game play that it sounds like. A class may work better or worse at certain missions and so on. You also earn XP for both sides, GDI and NOD, this unlocks new units and abilities and lets you use them in both single player and multiplayer.

The campaign can also be played in Co-Op so that you and a buddy can earn XP together or just enjoy the campaign. A sweet edition, but as it is, you also need a constant online connection to be able to play (yes the single player).

The units follow the good old paper-scissor-rock type of game play, a good mix is always best to complete a mission. For some people, me included, it feels as though there is almost too many different units, there are three classes and having a good set up for each would have been enough for me. Of course this gives for more option and such so I guess it’s good, but it will take you a while to see what works and what not. One reason I feel that there should been a bit less units, is because of the online play. As most games with only one building to build from, team play always works best, more players give for more strategies and cooperation. With fewer units with each class, every player could have a more specific role to the bigger games. Anyway. Moving on.

The graphics are alright, if you zoom in too much you may feel it’s a bit pixely but in full view it looks great, combined with all the explosions and different types of units and weapon fire. It won’t stun you, but it will do what’s needed of a RTS game.

The controls are pretty standard; you can even choose to use classic C&C controls, why I’m not sure since it only changes the mouse click button. So nothing big and surprising here, you can still use all the hotkeys in the game and a reference sheet comes with the game for all of you that wants to learn them completely. But even if you learn to use them it doesn’t mean that your units will do as you wish, I’ve noticed several path findings bugs in the game. If you select all your units across the screen and tell them to go somewhere, sometimes they simply stop, or don’t try, it seems as though they just don’t know how to get there, if you maneuver them forward a bit, than they will be able to go to the location. A bit annoying when you’re doing an important push, but nothing that will lose you the game per say.

So the game gives you a story conclusion, not the best story ever in a C&C game but acceptable, the controls are okay but with some bugs that needs fixing it’s not at its max yet. The multiplayer is interesting, with a focus around team play, it’s quite interesting, and feels fresh. For an old school C&C fan this may not be for you, but for people that enjoys RTS games overall this will be accepted in to your game collection

+ A new style of C&C
+ Teamwork
+ Kane

– A new style of C&C
– A few irritating bugs
– Very ,very short.

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Lord of the Rings: War in the North

Some games just tend to sneak up on you over night, all of a sudden there is a trailer, a rumor, a release date, and you didn’t even notice when the company started working on the title in the first place. Lord of The Rings: War in the north, is that kind of title. All of a sudden I sat with a trailer in front of me and was unsure if this was going to be the new LOTR: Conquest, or Real Time Strategy game, what was going on here?

I bet some of you didn’t know about this either so here goes, after some digging:

“Electronic Arts released The Lord of the Rings: Conquest in January and as it turns out, it was their last crack at the franchise. Their rights to produce Lord of the Rings video games have expired.”

“The Saul Zaentz Company owns the worldwide exclusive rights to The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. They have a standing agreement with Warner Bros. over the video game rights so Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is probably going to be the publisher on whatever this game is.”

“Warner Bros. has just announced Lord of the Rings: War in the North, an action RPG due on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2011.

Developed in association with Middle-earth Enterprises, War in the North is said to explore both original and familiar narrative elements based on both the literary and motion picture content from The Lord of the Rings.”

It seems as though I’ve missed out on a game. Maybe it’s my lack of interest when it comes to the LOTR games in general, who knows. Will be interesting to see where this leads to at least, sadly it’s not a new RTS. It’s gonna be created by Snowblind Studios (Baldurs gate), and the game will stay true to moments and stories from the books, interesting.

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Command & Conquer 4 – Cinematic Trailer

It’s here! Tomorrow, or acctualy today if you’re gonna be like that, is the release day for Command & Conquer 4. And the new cinematic trailer just got me all excited about finding out whats going on in the final parts of the great universe that the games have been built around. Kane is back, and this time, with a message far greater than before.

The gameplay have changed alot from what I’ve seen in early reviews and ingame videos, but it seems to fit me perfactly, seeing as how I’ve been playing Dawn Of War 2 latley.

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Dawn Of War 2 Chaos Rising – Review

Finally we get the expansion for this great strategy game! It seems as though they picked a rough month to release it though, together with Final Fantasy XIII, Command & Conquer 4 and several other good titles. Never the less I’ve completed the game one and half times and played a little multiplayer and feel ready to review the strategy beast. Be aware that this review is for single player only!

Let’s start with what’s been added, that we really don’t have to discuss that much, the lvl cap of your units is now 30, and several new items and types of items have been added. Compared to before when selling items would only give you XP, it now also give you better stats and new weapons and such to use, a sweet little addition to make the item handling more important. Some of the new items include different kind of ammunition, psychic power for the new added Librarian and of course more of the good old weapons, armor and equipment.

Another new feature is “Corruption”, in the main story of the game you will fight the ultimate Warhammer 40k antagonist: the Chaos Space Marines. These are marines possessed by evil, and they fight alongside daemons and heretics. In the campaign you will have the option to different actions that will either remove corruption or add corruption. At a first glance there seems to be nothing but a positive thing to be possessed, you get to use great equipment, new universal abilities during missions (example: reviving all units with full strength). There are also items that will give or remove corruption if you send your units to mission equipped with them.

So what does it change other than giving your units awesome abilities? This will be for you to find out yourselves. It’s not mind-blowing, but why spoil the game?

Then we have the new added unit, or hero if you so wish; The Librarian. For all players enjoying abilities and using boosts and special attack to get through the levels, this will be very fun for you. The Librarian uses different equipment to give him different powers, and even his weapons and armor do the same thing, reminding a lot of what a Final Stand hero would be like. Not even the Commander or “yourself” have the same kind of options, which is a bit sad in my opinion. Being able to switch your character with the Librarian would have been sweet, of course he would need somewhat of a boost to be a standalone hero.

The story was much better than I expected it to be. With more comments from your fellow soldiers in-between missions and even comments during the briefing, make it feel less straight (even though it is). You can also ask questions before the missions’ starts, sadly there are no multiple options so it doesn’t add much more than some interaction.

The units and missions still work the same way they did before, and even though the missions have become much better when it comes to story and difference between them, there seems to be several bugs in the unit handling. They don’t react properly to the enemy at times, and will not follow orders correctly. Depending on the stance you give them (Close combat or range combat), they can turn from killing machines to scarecrows. If too far away and in close combat stance, they won’t even move towards the enemy, if to close and in the range combat stance, they will sometimes try to runaway to create a distance so they can shoot. Another thing that I’ve noticed is the sound of the game, it really twitchy in the voice work, some lines seems a lot louder than others and it will make you tweak the sound a few times. This is only between missions though, in the actual missions its not really clear or at least not as annoying.

With the bugs aside, the missions are still solid and with several new ideas like a tank mission it feels fresh. Several of the bosses are better designed when it comes to what’s going on. Yet my biggest complaint is the few bosses that reminds us to much of the stock bosses in the first game, you basically just have to wait them out, removing the self healing ability from the bosses with more health could have been a good idea.

I should really talk about the new additions to the multiplayer and the new two Final Stand heroes, but I feel I will have to cover them in another review or article all together.

+ A great new campaign
+ A new race for multiplayer and two new heroes for Last Stand
+ New features and unit in the single player

– Control and sound bugs really bring some of the moments down
– A bit short, but not surprising for an RTS expansion

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