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Ubisoft E3 Conference – What I liked

And what about Ubisoft’s E3 conference and how they did, and what I found interesting. It’s kind of interesting how everyone said that Ubisoft was the worst conference so far. I will just say that I don’t agree, they showed a lot of interesting titles and they’ve learned from the past. It was fun, games that deserved time got it, times that needed less time had less time and so on. The only real complaint being that the Rayman demo took a bit to long, but it was fun to watch and so it’s fine.

There was a lot of interesting things here so let’s just take a quick look on each game here shall we? If needed, I will just make a separate post later if it’s interesting enough. So here we go:

Not a huge title and not something I’m going to discuss further then: it looked fun and sometimes you need a fun side scroller.

I’m not a huge fan of the earlier Farcry games, but the feeling from the whole idea of “insanity” made me interested in it. The look of it is okay, not nearly as good as other first person games that have been shown so far. I bet all of you out there that enjoyed the other Farcry games will be looking forward to this.

Thank you Ubisoft! Finally! God I’m so thrilled about this game now. I’ve always been a huge sucker for co-op, not multiplayer craziness but co-op, where you and your friends fight through missions with all the skills and laughs you can muster. They just showed us a good looking FPS game with a 4-player enabled co-op. If I find 2-3 other guys to play this with, I will be playing this shortly after release!

Guess what, they’re releasing a online FPS game. Guess what? It will be free. Guess what? I’m guessing it will be fun!

I’m going to let the trailer talk for itself here. I will probably make a post about this game later on anyway. ^^ (Also: LOVE THE SONG!)


Alice: Madness Returns – Thoughts on Madness

How can you not love it! I’ve always been a huge fan of the subject madness and insanity, when it comes to games or any kind of entertainment like books or movies. Not only because of the weird things that can happen or take place, but also because of how they portrait the human mind. The latest call of duty even touched on the subject of brainwashing and how this showed up to the main character as visions and planted memories.

Silent Hill 2 is also game that intrigues me. “Everything” in that world was based on the main character James, memories, thoughts, feelings and even his own subconscious. It’s one of the games that I still return to forums from time to time to see what kinds of discussions are going on, or just read up on old ones. How the nuns is about his sexuality, pyramidhead being a creature he summons upon himself to punish him for what he done. IT IS AWESOME.

Alice: Madness Returns seems to have a lot of these hidden meanings as well, or at the very least I hope so. I hope they will let the community find small bits and pieces in the game that explains Alice and her state of mind without revealing it all in the story. It may be that, or it will just be a insane world where Alice uses her knife (and other weapons) to pass through obstacles. Either will be fine, in a way, I guess..

So why did I post all this? Becuase I’ve just seen the latest trailer ofcourse! Enjoy!

10 Minutes Of Starcraft 2 – Heart Of The Swarm

Well it’s not really 10 minutes, but it’s a 10 minute long video with comments and in game photage. It’s looking awesome I tell ya.

Heroes Of Newerth – Updated

Hello everyone, a game that I’ve been playing allot lately have finally gotten itself an update. And there’s a big difference from before! The menu has changed, the lobby has changed, heroes have changed, abilities have changed, Kongor is 40% angrier! Yes, it says so clearly in the update. With this they’ve also fixed a few bugs. Be aware though, after the update if your game crashes? You may just have an install file that’s a bit old, download the game again and re-install and you should have no problem.

Instead of me rambling on about the changes, here is the update list for all of you to enjoy.


It’s finally time!

Patch Notes (with pretty pictures) are below.

– Fixed the US Regions for Matchmaking
– Disabled custom avatars…

– Fix joining game on the game list
– Fix game lobby enter key not working sometimes

Version 0.3.0

– New Front End Interface

– Solo Automatic Matchmaking
* With one button you can enter the queue for as many different regions as you want and play with random other people automatically. This does not use PSR, it uses SMR (Solo Matchmaking Rating) and everyone starts at 1500. Mode is Banning Pick.
* Players tagged as “leavers” can not join Matchmaking
* Players who leave a game before it starts (during the ‘loading’ phase of a game) will automatically be replaced by someone else.
* If you leave a Matchmaking game at the hero selection screen, you will get a leave

– Tutorial
* New ingame interactive Tutorial to help new players learn the basics of the game before diving in. Even experienced players might learn something!

– New Player Stats screen
* Including your most played heroes!

– Hero Compendium
* See detailed stats and recommended items about every hero

– Ingame Ladder page
* Search and filter the ladder to compare yourself to those at the top. Any number of options can be turned on and filtered!

– New Game Lobby

– New Hero Picking screen
* Now with 12 more slots for new heroes! How did we do that?!?


– You can now swap the placement of the minimap from the bottom left to bottom right hand corner
– Leaver threshold lowered to 5%
– Fix for StatusStealth
* This fixed an issue that was causing Witch Slayer and Pollywog Priest’s crowd control abilities to dispel all states off the target
– Updated br stringtables, thanks to Trilles
– Recommended Items Updated
– Item cursor now changes to a targeting cursor when hovering over an allied unit
– Stacked items (runes of blight, mana potions, health potions) will now sell for their full total value within 15 seconds of purchasing them. (e.g. if you buy two health potions for 200g then sell them within 15sec, you will now correctly gain 200g)
– Logger’s Hatchet can now be sold within 15 seconds of buying it (but not if you used it)
– Added “Host:” and “Version:” to the /gameinfo and /gi commands in game, also added the server version for display in the game lobby screen
– Fixed when heroes were ‘running in place’ after using a Homecoming Stone
– Added messages to the game lobby for the following actions:
1) When the host assigns someone as the new host
2) When the host assigns someone as a spectator
3) When the host assigns someone as a referee
4) When the host locks or unlocks a slot
– Removed ‘remove hero’ button in practice mode for now
– Tweaked the position of ancients

– Invisible Mode added
– Fixed a bug in the game setup interface where referee count was incorrectly being set to the count of spectators chosen
– Fixed a bug in the game lobby where the current player count exceeded the max player count in games with spectators(2) and referees(1). e.g. “Players: 13/10”. Now shows the correct max player count to match the main lobby game browser numbers. e.g. “Players: 13/13”
– Added flood protection to the chat server to protect against invite to clan spam and create clan attempts
– Fixed an issue causing the change password functionality in game to not work correctly.
– Fixed an issue on the chat server where in certain cases players were not properly being promoted/demoted
– Optimized client code so game server refreshes should no longer hang the client or user interface.
– Chat channels can now be saved via the interface and will be automatically joined when logging in.
– Added new “Ping” filter next to the “Full Games” checkbox. It filters the results on the client so only pings less the chosen number populate the game list
– Added a new filter option to the server browser “Game Mode:” section called “Advanced”. It allows players to filter multiple game modes (ie. SD, BD, BP) all at once locally in the client. Upon selecting ‘Advanced’ a small panel pops up and the player can choose the game modes they want to see in the game list just by selecting the appropriate checkbox then clicking OK
– Default SFX volume down to 0.6 from 0.7
– Fixed an issue with the chat server where if a user sent a message using /b or /m and someone on one of those lists was in /dnd mode, it wouldn’t send the message to all the people on the list.
– Overhauled how adding buddies/friends works. You now must request friendship before someone is actually added as your friend.
* You can request friends when offline and they will get the notifications upon logging in, and approve at their convenience
* We might have to wipe current friends lists at some point in the future for this to work correctly.

– Added new search support for filtering games by name:
* Added feature to allow players to type in multiple search phrases. By typing a search phrase and adding a ?|? the client will distinguish one phrase from another. The browser will then search the available games and show any games showing any one of the phrases separated by a “|”.
* Added feature to allow players to exclude certain games based on the search phrase. By typing in a “-” at the beginning of the search phrase the client will automatically filter any games with “Phrase” to not show up. Note that exclusion of search terms takes precedence over inclusion. (Excluding a term, and then trying to include the same term will cause it not to appear, ie ?noobs|-noobs?)
* The “|” and “-” can be escaped with a “\” should the player want to search on a game with the pipe or hyphen in it.
* All searches are color and case insensitive, and the order that the search phrases are entered have no effect on how they will display. So “1500|-no ab” is the same as “-no ab|1500”.

Some examples:
*Search Phrase: “1550|1600|1650|-no ab|-noobs” – This searches on any game with “1550”, “1600”, and “1650” in the name, and if it has the words “no ab” or “noobs” in it it will not display.
*Search Phrase: “-no ab|1500|1550|-countryname|ab” – This searches on any game with “1500”, “1550” and “ab” in the name, and if it has the words “no ab” or “countryname” in it it will not display.
*Search Phrase: “1500|\-SDEM|pipe\|test” – This searches on any game with “1500”, “-sdem” and “pipe|test” in the name.

– If you attack him from outside of his lair you will have 100% miss now
– After leaving his lair, 1.5 seconds later he retreats to go back in and is invuln on the run back
– Is now 40% angrier

Ice Ogre
– Cooldown of the frost shield increased by 4 seconds (to 5s)


Barrier Idol
– Fixed a bug that caused it to absorb huge damage when damage taken was all at once
Elder Parasite
– Incoming damage multiplier reduced to 20%, from 30%
Harkon’s Blade
– Increases manacost per attack to 75 from 50
– Recipe cost reduced to 825 from 1325
– Mana regen increased to 200% from 150%
– Now grants +10 damage
Runes of the Blight
– Heal over time is no longer dispellable
Wards of Sight
– Now have a 50 gold bounty when killed


The following auras can now be toggled between all units and heroes only:
– Andromeda’s Dimensional Link
– Arachna’s Precision
– Moon Queen’s Lunar Glow

– Fixed Flame Consumption to go off anytime he is below 400 health and takes non-fatal damage
– Fixed Flame Consumption to properly dispel himself when it automatically goes off
– Fixed Sear so it continues to apply the slow and the buff while his ultimate is active

– Rescaled ult range to 750/975/1200 from 600/900/1200

– Added cast effect for throwing snot
* This is a visual effects change
– Charges gained from Restless are not longer capped at 4

– “Voice”

– Lowered base armor by 1
– Base Damage lowered to 54-60 from 58-64
– Flaming Hammer’s projectile speed lowered to 800 from 1100
– Flaming Hammer’s negative magic armor starts at -1/-2/-3/-4 for the first 1 second, then reduces to 0 over its duration.
– Base Manacost of Flaming Hammer increased to 95/110/125/140 from 95/105/115/125

Blood Hunter
– Blood Sense now reveals stealth targets

– Manacost on Time Leap increased to 135 from 120
– Time Leap damage lowered by 25 at all levels
– Curse of Ages now steals 1/1/2/3 agility per charge, decreased from 1/2/3/4
– Curse of Ages now stuns the target after 5 attacks, increased from 4
– Targets stunned by Curse of Ages will now properly play their attack animation when the stun wears off
– Stun from Curse of Ages now scales as a .25,.5,.75,1 second stun from 1 second at all levels
– Chronofield won’t freeze invulnerable targets anymore (Such as Swiftblade ulting or Defiler’s ult)
– Chronofield now freezes everyone by default, with Staff of the Master lets allies move at -80% speed in the field

Corrupted Disciple
– Top end base damage lowered by 5

Dark Lady
– Turn rate increased to 900 from 360
– Dark Blades don’t interrupt movement, cast time removed

– Proper announcement at hero selection
– Rebalanced:
– Base strength lowered to 23 (from 25)
– Strength Gain lowered to 2.7 from 3.0
– Agility Gain increased to 2.0 from 1.6
– Base Armor increased to 2.24 from 1.24
– Slow from throwing the log increased to 75% max from 60% max
– Oakbolt’s slow now lasts for 1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds, from 3 seconds at all levels.
– Projectile speed when throwing a log increased to 1200 from 1000
– Willowmaker
* Cooldown rescaled to 85,75,65
* Cast point lowered to 500ms from 750ms
* Damage rescaled to 350, 650, 950 from 400,600,800
* Debuff is now a constant 20% strength reduction at all levels from 20,30,40%
* No longer splashes the debuff in a cone, only the single target
* Stun duration increased to 1.5s from 1s

Demented Shaman
– Base Intelligence lowered to 24 from 27
– Strength Gain lowered to 1.8 from 1.9
– Intelligence Gain lowered to 3.0 from 3.4
– Damage rescaled to 44-56 from 41-59
– The snare from Entangle will now give assists

– No longer gains strength from illusions
– Touch radius of Hook changed from 60 to 75 and will consistently hit targets with a 75 radius regardless of what angle it is being thrown

– Damage of Clensing Shock against summoned units increased to 600,800,1000 from 600 at all levels

– Voice
– Fixed a Turret bug that a bullet from the Turret doing 200+ damage
– Fixed a bug causing the splash damage when a siege unit debuffed by Tinker to not deal AOE damage
– Energy Field will only not purge a target if they are under the effects of Shrunken Head
* This means the shield will purge off Jeraziah’s Charm, for example.

Forsaken Archer
– Voice
– Skeletons now display a timer on the third ability indicating the time remaining for the next skeleton to expire (Thanks to Tisser)

– Base Agility increased to 17 from 16
– Damage rescaled to 43-51 from 38-44
– Base Armor increased to 1.44 from 1.24

– Summon Malphas now has new ground effects
– Negative Magic Armor is now -3,-4,-5,-6 from -2.7,-5.1,-6.9,-8.3

– Fixed tooltips (a few errors)
– Range of Inner Light increased to 500 from 400

Keeper of the Forest
– Eyes are now stealthed and become revealed when a hero comes into the 450 reveal range (from 300)
* This stops couriers from killing eyes unless a hero is nearby to spot them
– Root can now be seen even when he is invisible
– Root now hits units in fog

– Base Int increased to 17 from 14
– Terrify removed
– Terrifying Charge Added
* The Legionnaire charges very quickly at a target foe and swings wide with his mighty axe upon reaching them, dealing damage and Terrifying those unfortunate enough to be standing there. Terrified enemies attack very quickly, but do less damage per attack.
* 1000 Range, 40/50/60/70 Manacost, 30s Cooldown
* Charges at max movespeed towards the target. Being stunned, losing sight of the target, or issuing another command will cancel the charge early. Upon reaching the target, forces an attack that deals 150/200/250/300% of your base damage and applies Terrify for 4/5/6/7 seconds to all enemies in a 110 degree 240 distance cone.
* If the target gets more then 2000 units away (Such as from using teleport) the charge will cancel
* Terrify debuff: -50% Attack Damage, +50% Attack Speed

– Snare debuff stuff removed from Stalk
– Manacost of Berserk changed to 50,80,110 from 100,150,205

– Model cleaned up
– Voice
– Stats tweaks:
* Base Strength increased to 24 from 22
* Strength gain increased to 2.6 from 2.4
* Agility gain lowered to 2.0 from 2.4
* Base Intelligence lowered to 17 from 18
– Speed of Sword Throw projectile increased to 850 from 700
– Radius of Sword Throw lowered to 200 from 225
– Manacost on Sword of the Damned’s heal mode removed
– Self hurt from Sword of the Damned’s flame mode changed to 6,9,12,15 from 5,10,15,20
– Range while under the effects of Possession reduced to 550 from 600

Night Hound
– Base movement speed increased to 305 from 300
– Smoke Bomb cast range increased to 425 from 350
– Smoke Bomb cast point reduced to 200 from 400
– Pounce cooldown rescaled to 20,15,10,5 from 30,20,10,5

– Fixed targeting circle radius
– Base Agility lowered to 18 from 22
– Base Armor lowered to 2.00 from 2.08
– Stun from Nymphora’s Zeal is now 1200 range at all ranks (from bad)
* Charges Nymphora gains rescaled slightly so the bonuses are zero at level 1 and the same at level 4

– New effects for first ability
– Command now allows Ophelia to control 1/2/2/3 creeps at once, from 1/2/3/3
– Level 4 of Command no longer grants Magic armor to Ophelia’s creeps

– New death

– Anyone within 175 units of Pharaoh will be gauranteed to be caught inside of his mummy wall on use

Plague Rider
– Agility Gain lowered to 1.8 from 2.0
– Damage rescaled to 42-51 from 37-56

Pollywog Priest
– Remodeled and effects redone
– Range increased to 550 from 500
– Base Armor increased from 1.14 to 1.30
– Number of targets hit by Electric Jolt is no longer capped
– Cooldown of Voodoo Wards is now 110/95/80 from 110 at all levels

– “Voice”

– Puppeteer’s Hold duration lowered by .5 seconds at all levels

– Fixed Fervor doing 1 DPS too much to buildings
– Fervor set not to propagate to illusions

– Wards bounty to 10-15 from 3-9

Soul Reaper
– Base Agility increased to 16 from 15

– Dread can no longer be toggled. This fixes the keybinding issues.

– Voice
– Manacost of Succubus’ Hold is now 150/250/350 from 200/300/400

– Cast times of all abilities lowered to 300ms from 400ms
– Damage from Chain Lightning is now instant on the first target
– AOE of Lightning Rod increased to 1000 from 800

– Increase turn speed to 900 (from 360)
– After hitting a target with Javelin of Light, an 800 area around the target will continue to be revealed for 3.34 seconds
– Reworked collision on the Javelin of Light. It now has a radius of 80 (reduced from 110) and will consistently hit targets with an 80 radius regardless of what angle it is being thrown
* Previously, it was using a rectangle 110 units wide to calculate collision, so when thrown on an angle it would often hit targets greater than 110 units away
– Javelin of Light is no longer “Physical”
* This means it will hit someone who has void talisman active
– Javelin of Light plays a popup indicating the length of the stun
– Removed cast noise on casting Javelin of Light
– Removed glow from Javelin of Light

– Base Armor increased from 1.30 to 1.50
– Damage rescaled to 45-55 from 39-61

Voodoo Jester
– Base Agility increased to 14 from 13
– Base Intelligence increased to 22 from 19
– Intelligence Gain increased to 3.0 from 2.9
– Initial projectile speed of Acid Cocktail increased to 750 from 650
– Cast time on Cursed Ground reduced to 0.35 seconds (from 0.5)

– Manacost of Battle Cry reduced to 15,10,5,0 from 15,20,25,30

Witch Slayer
– Base Agility increased to 16 from 15
– Base Intelligence increased to 23 from 22

– The gust of wind from Gust now travels 540 total distance (reduced from 640)
– Cyclones now display the time remaining before the next cyclone expires (thanks to Tisser)
– Typhoon damage lowered to 60,80,100 from 60,90,120
– Typhoon no longer spawns max Cyclones instantly. Instead, it spawns one cyclone per second for the duration of the Typhoon.


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Chaos Rising multiplayer is beeing balanced

On friday Relic posted a message on their community about balancing the multiplayer in Dawn Of War 2 after the release of Chaos Rising. The community spoke up clearly about what was overpowered and just silly for the multiplayer game play. Relic answered quickly by showing the following list of fixes in the 2.2 Patch soon to come.

Hey guys,

I am really happy to see that, for the most part, the balance of Chaos Rising has been well received. We understand there are a few things sticking out that are ruining the fun for some players so we set out to address those right after Chaos Rising went live.

I’d like to share with you a preview of the 2.2 balance patch notes for CR. Please remember that these are on-going, being tested and may not represent the final patch. I, however, can say that they are fairly comprehensive of the issues we want to address in 2.2. Also please note that other changes unrelated to balance will not be represented in this list.

2.2 Balance Patch Notes (WIP)


– – Inferno Bolters damage has been reduced from 39 to 35

– – Chaos Predator max speed increased to 5.7 from 5.2

– – Chaos Lord has had his armour type changed from Heavy Infantry to Commander

– – Removed melee resistance from the Bloodcrusher

– – Increased the in combat ranged modifier to 1 from 0.5 for the Bloodcrusher

– – Bloodcrusher size has been changed to Large from Huge

Space Marines

– – Predator Tank max speed increased to 5.7 from 5.2

– – Assault Terminators with Storm Hammers and Thunder Shield

o Increased damage to 90 from 75

o Increased special attack damage to 67 from 65

– – Assault Terminators with Lightning Claws

o Change damage type from Melee Heavy to Power Melee

o Decrease damage to 70 from 95

o Decrease special attack damage to 57 from 72

o Decrease splash damage to 12 from 20

o Removed additional 360 degree damage (20) from special attack

– – Force Commander Terminator Lightning Claws

o Change damage type from Melee Heavy to Power Melee

o Decrease damage to 70 from 100

o Decrease special attack damage to 57 from 72

o Decrease splash damage to 12 from 20

o Removed additional 360 degree damage (20) from special attack

– – Librarian’s Smite ability will no longer sometimes instantly cooldown after firing


– – Fire Prism max speed increased to 5 from 4.5

– – Wraithguard can no longer fire on the move

– – Shuriken Cannon Guardian HP has been reduced to 225 from 275 per member


– – Looted Tank max speed increased to 5.5 from 5


– – Ravener Tunnel HP has been reduced to 175 from 250

Bug Fixes

– – Bloodcrusher now has appropriate upkeep cost

– – Stikkbomb_pvp damage type has been modified to damage units in buildings

– – Plague Marine Champion death explosion will no longer hurt invulnerable units

– – Force Commander and Assault Terminator lightning claw special attack changed from a 0.5 second sweep to an instant pie attack.

– – Ravener Alpha no longer reduces his AV damage modifier by re-equipping the corrosive devourer multiple times

– – The received range damage modifier while fleet of foot is active on a Banshee squad with an Exarch is now exclusive and will no longer stack with other received range damage modifiers

– – The received range damage modifier from Distortion field is now exclusive and will no longer stack with other received range damage modifiers

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Crash & Overgrown to Modern Warfare 2!

Just wanted to let you all know that two of the best maps from Call Of Duty 4 will be in the next map pack, Crash and Overgrown. This is some great news for all the players that loved these maps (me included). Funny thing is that I wished for these maps the same morning that the news came out. Wonderful!

Lets hope that PS3 get this update soon as well. 🙂 Not a problem for me personally but they should really be aloud to get it pretty soon. 😮

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Dawn Of War Update – 2.1

Just want to remind everybody out there that loves this great strategy game that Chaos Rising is released this friday, but that doesnt mean that you wont get anything if you dont get it. The new update for the game adds tons of material to the game and even a few new units to the game! So get on Dawn Of War 2 and update your game and go in to the battlefield with a completle new experience. 🙂

Here is the update notes:

Chaos Rising Update 2.1 notes

New Features

• Support for screen resolutions with a wider aspect ratio than 16×9, such as those used with AMD’s Eyefinity technology
• Stance Toggle option has been added for switching between ranged and melee unit behaviour in all game modes

• New Map: 2p Judgment of Carrion
• New Map: 2p Ice Station Obelis
• New Map: 4p Desert Showdown
• New Map: 4p Judgment of Carrion
• New Map: 4p Selenon Fissure
• New Map: 6p Argent Shelf
• New Map: 6p Judgment of Carrion
• New Map: 6p Calderis Refinery (Free-For-All)
• New Map: 6p Judgment of Carrion (Free-For-All)
• Added Librarian Unit to tier two of Space Marines
• Added Weirdboy Unit to tier two of Orks
• Added Tyrant Guard Unit to tier two of Tyranids
• Added Gene Stealers Squad to tier two of Tyranids
• Added Wraithguard Squad to tier two of Eldar
• Added the ability to play against owners of Chaos Rising who are playing as the Chaos Race
• Added Free for All and Team Free for All Victory Point game modes to Custom Games
• New target priority system implemented so that idle units prefer attacking enemies they specialize against
• Vehicle wrecks now remain on the map and provide cover

The Last Stand
• Added the ability to play with owners of Chaos Rising who are playing as Chaos Sorcerer or Hive Tyrant

• Added the ability to transfer save games of completed Aurelian Campaigns to Chaos Rising
• Added the ability save during mid-missions (Chaos Rising Campaign Only)
• Wargear tooltips in both campaigns now contain significantly more information such as attack speed, accuracy, etc
• New ‘Invite a Friend’ button added to the bridge to easily invite friends to a co-op game

Campaign, Last Stand and Global Bug Fixes

• Various general performance and memory optimizations
• Various stability fixes to front-end menu screens

• Fixed issue where a drag-select starting on a wargear item would “stick” even after releasing the mouse button
• More enemies now have the updated unit decorators
• Cyrus’ Deep Smoke ability has been retooled; Cyrus now drops a smoke grenade when he infiltrates or reveals himself
• Thaddeus’ Ranged Specialist trait will now also add a passive chance to stun with any ranged weapon
• The Chapter’s Fury ability has been reworked to charge up from taking damage
• Thule’s Might of the Ancient ability has been renamed “Mighty Strike”
• The Force Commander’s Drop Bays and Orbital Barrage traits have been combined into a new trait called Orbital Command
• The Force Commander has a new trait called Inspiring Shout which replaced Orbital Barrage’s position on the Will path

• Maps are now listed in alphabetical order
• New tutorial loading screens have been added
• Various minor ability functionality and balance tweaks
• Various text updates for clarity and accuracy

Army Painter
• Space Marine Red Scorpions chapter added
• Chaos Red Corsairs warband added
• Chaos Alpha Legion warband added
• Chaos Death Guard warband added
• Chaos Emperor’s Children warband added
• Chaos Iron Warriors warband added
• Chaos Night Lords warband added
• Chaos Thousand Sons warband added
• Chaos Word Bearers warband added
• Chaos World Eaters warband added
• Khorne Red color added
• Chaos army paint schemes can be created by owners of DOW2 or Chaos Rising

Last Stand
• Fixed issue where players would lose ability functionality if revived after dying while entering a building
• Fixed problem with player collision when standing on closing gates
• Fixed an issue where the screen would turn black permanently during the transition between wave 19 and 20 under rare circumstances
• Last Stand heroes can now be rotated in the hero select screen

Front End and Options
• Custom games list can now be sorted by clicking the ‘Players’ header
• Fixed an issue where a player’s Trueskill on the leaderboards screen would be one game behind the Trueskill displayed on the Player Statistics screen
• Fixed the total number of wins/losses displaying incorrectly on the leaderboards
• Fixed a variety of issues with rendering after changing graphics options
• Default resolution on first launch will attempt to match desktop resolution before falling back to lower resolutions
• Ultra settings have been disabled for users running 32-bit versions of Windows unless using the /3GB OS startup switch

Balance Changes and Multiplayer Bug Fixes

• Repair no longer works on ambient buildings
• Artillery projectiles now fire at the location they were firing at when they begin their wind up animation, this makes it more difficult to hit moving targets
• Units under the effects of the Phase Shift ability can no longer repair other units or buildings
• Units can now be damaged by grenades while entering a building but before fully setting up
• Looted Tank and Predator Tank no longer shoot continously without enemy targets while moving towards the destination of an attack move order
• Unit and ability FX can no longer be seen through the fog of war (some exceptions)
• Fixed issue where queued actions could sometimes be resumed upon reviving a hero unit
• Camouflage abilities can no longer be used in buildings

Map Changes
• Angel Gate: Destroyed buildings at the top of the map to prevent garrisoning issues
• Outer Reaches: Moved some objects to prevent units getting stuck
• Greentooth Gorge: Added impasses to prevent units getting stuck behind bases


• Added the Weirdboy unit to Tier 2
• Roks global ability now costs 500 Waaagh
• More dakka will no longer work on some units who have no ranged weapon
• More dakka will no longer work on unconscious units
• Ork global abilities order on the Select Hero screen now match their order in-game

Kommando Nob
• Remote bomb placement no longer keeps Kommando in suppressed animation state
• Kaboom damage no longer works on invulnerable targets.
• Kommando Nob’s Rokkit Launcha damage reduced to 65 from 72

• Banner no longer gives bonus to recharge times

Deff Dread
• Deff Dread health has been increased to 650 from 450
• Deff Dread Burnaz and Bitz upgrade cost has decreased to 180/20 from 200/20
• Burnaz and Bitz now adds +400 HP
• Deff Dread cost has increased to 250/70 from 250/45
• Burna damage reduced to 40 from 90
• Burnas can now use Attack Ground
• Special attack no longer cut through immunities and armor

• Stikkbomma stun bomb cooldown reduced to 30 seconds from 60 seconds
• Stikkbommba grenade damage has been adjusted over their effective radius, does more consistent and higher damage.
• Stikkbomma HP increased to 200
• Stikkbomb damage increased to 67 from 58

• Min range added to Rokkit barrage

• Warboss Powerclaw now does 190 damage, up from 150
• Warboss’ Shoota ability now does 50 damage for the duration of the ability, up from 28
• Weapon skill reduced to 70 from 90
• Knockback shot can no longer target vehicles
• Knockback shots changed to weapon knockback instead of ability knockback

• Bomba boyz attack no longer hurts immune units

• Burna Upgrade increases health by 10% instead of 20%
• Burna upgrade cost 85/20

• Ork waaagh banner now has the Frazzle ability which stuns nearby enemies and buffs the speed, attack and defense of nearby allies
• Ork waaagh banner no longer gives bonuses to ability recharge times

Nob Squad
• Can now attack buildings with their default weapon

Looted Tank
• Max speed reduced to 5 from 7


• Added the Wraithguard unit Tier 2
• Eldritch Storm now costs 500 Psychic Might
• Weapon platform teams can now garrison buildings

• Holo-field ability added to farseer webway gate, when activated cloaks nearby units.
• Webway gates are now permanently cloaked when playing as the Farseer hero

Warpspider Hero
• Entangle will no longer work on unconscious units
• Units affected by group teleport are immune to knockback
• Crack Shot can no longer be used on units without a ranged weapon
• Heavy gauge filament can be toggled in buildings
• Heavy gauge filament no longer changes weapon damage
• Entangle no longer works on vehicles

• Cannot be knocked back while levitate active
• Weapon skill reduced to 70 from 90
• Mindwar damage type is now melee heavy instead of piercing

• Warlock’s merciless Witchblade now drains 15 mana per hit, down from 30
• Destructor damages units in buildings
• Weapon skill reduced to 70 from 90
• Cloaking shroud now affects vehicles
• Providence should now properly make you invulnerable
• Warlock no longer leaps and knocks down enemies
• Warlock now charges enemies

• Avatar of Khaine sword damage increase to 340 from 250
• Cost decreased slightly by 20 power
• Build time decreased to 75s

• Warp spiders now only seek cover in a 2m radius to lower the time they spend between teleporting and firing at enemies

• Wraithlord weapon upgrade icons now disappear when one is researched
• Wraithlord cost has increased to 450/120 from 450/80
• Wraithlord health has increased to 1200 from 700
• Wraithlord now does splash damage on its melee attack

• Kinetic shot cannot target units immune to knockback
• Kinetic shot now does weapon knockback instead of medium weapon knockback
• Infiltrate ability has no cooldown

Shuriken Cannon team
• Energy removed
• Can garrison structures
• Squad health increased to 825

Brightlance Weapon team
• Squad health increased to 825

• When fleet of foot is used with an exarch added, squads takes 50% reduced ranged damage for the duration.
• Aspect of banshee increases HP by 30% from 25%

D Cannon
• Projectile now fires at the location that was targeted when the D cannon begins its wind up animation. This makes it more difficult for the D Cannon to hit moving targets
• Can garrison structures
• Squad health increased to 825

• Guardian warlock damage reduction aura effect changed to 0.825 from 0.75

• Speed reduced to 6 from 8

Fire Prism
• Improved toggling between fire modes
• Speed reduced to 4.5 from 6.5

Space Marines

• Added Librarian unit to tier 2
• Orbital Bombardment now costs 500 zeal
• Blessing of the Omnissiah now repairs less HP to vehicles
• Added the ability to upgrade Space Marine Turrets to Missile turrets

Force Commander
• Stormshield wargear now grants the Force Commander a 20% ranged damage reduction bonus
• Force Commander power fist wargear damage increased from 145 to 170
• Force Commander terminator power fist damage increased from 145 to 170
• Force Commander artificer armour now grants 20 energy as well as addition HP
• Fixed an exploit allowing the Force Commander to give a never-ending defense bonus to allies from a Webway gate
• Force Commander in Terminator armour now has a lightning claw upgrade

• Techmarine melee damage increased from 14 to 18
• Techmarine now has a melta gun wargear option in tier 2
• Bionics now effects a 360-degree area with reduced damage
• Proximity Mine can now be cancelled while building

Devastator Marine Squad
• Now has a Lascannon upgrade in tier 2 effective against vehicles

• Dreadnought now has a multimelta upgrade effective vs. vehicles and heavy infantry
• Dreadnought cost increased from 500/90 to 500/140
• Dreadnought HP increased to 1200 from 800
• Dreadnoughts now do splash damage with their melee attacks

Tactical Marines
• Tactical Marines now have the Kraken Bolts ability which increases their weapon damage by 20% against targets with heavy armour
• Plasma gun damage decreased to 65 from 70

• Razorback damage increased to 110 from 95

• Predator now has a dual linked lascannon upgrade which is effective vs. vehicles

• Terminator powerfist damage increased from 47 to 68
• Terminator cost reduced to 300 Zeal and 600 Requisition
• Cyclone missile barrage damage reduced to 40 from 80, no longer knocks back retreating units

Assault Terminators
• Assault Terminators now have a lightning claws upgrade
• Assault Terminators HP increased from 1500 to 1800
• Storm Hammer damage decreased from 85 to 75
• Assault Terminators cost reduced to 300 Zeal and 600 Requisition


• Tier 2 Carnifex has been reintegrated into the tier 3 Screamer Killer and remains in tier 3
• Added Genestealer unit to tier 2
• Added Tyrant Guard unit to tier 2
• The global ability ‘Mycetic Spores’ now deploys a Ravener Brood and has been moved to the Ravener Alpha
• The global ability ‘Spore Mines’ has been moved to the Lictor Alpha
• Tyranoformation now costs 500 Biomass

Hive Tyrant
• Hive Tyrant Crushing Claw damage increased to 120 from 73

Ravener Alpha
• Corrosive Devourer damage reduced from 180 to 135
• Corrosive Devourer cooldown reduced from 1.8 to 1.4
• The Ravener Alpha can now construct the Hive Node structure

• The adrenal glands upgrade has been reduced in cost to 75/15 from 75/20

• Warriors with the Adrenal Gland upgrade now provide melee Tyranid units with a boost to melee damage
• Adrenal Gland warriors damage reduced to 27.5 from 55

• Zoanthrope windup speed increased to 2s from 1.5s

Venom Brood
• The Venom Brood now provides ranged Tyranid units with a boost to ranged damage
• Venom Brood warrior no longer knockdown units with their leap

Spore Mines
• Fixed an issue where Spore Mines would not damage power nodes and power generators

For all and more info about Dawn Of War 2 visit:

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Team Fortess 2 – Free Play Weekend!

Ofcourse you’re all gonna join in and try it for free if you dont already have it? I do have it for xbox360, and I honestly have not looked in to if the updates are applied to that aswell (for a cost or free or whatever really). But now I get the chance to try it on the computer. 😀 Awesome, thank you Valve!

You will need steam to try this free play weekend so if you dont have steam, go get it!

Here for the pre-download:

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Bioshock 2 gameplay.

Ohoho. Även om jag inte är en stor fan av spelen själv. Så tycker jag ändå att det är värt att dela med sig av gameplay trailern som “just” har kommit. 🙂 Enjoy!

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Call Of Duty nomore.

Kanske för att hacka in det i folks huvuden, kanske för att jag skall komma ihåg det bättre själv. Men Modern Warfare skall nu räknas som en egen spin off serie till Call Of Duty. Alltså kommer inte spelen heta just: Call Of Duty längre. Utan Modern Warfare 2-3 och så vidare. Passande? Ja det tycker jag faktiskt. Istället för att leva med samma namn som så många andra serier som utvecklas hela tiden så har dom tagit steget till ett nytt namn. Bra där!

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