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10 Minutes Of Starcraft 2 – Heart Of The Swarm

Well it’s not really 10 minutes, but it’s a 10 minute long video with comments and in game photage. It’s looking awesome I tell ya.


Starcraft 2 + DotA = True?

Even though it isnt really “planned”, they want to give the people the chance of making a Starcraft 2 DotA map or minigame if you so will. As to the first DotA it will be up to the community to create and make it happen. It seems as the game editor will make it possible, with a chance to make equipable characters and so on. Anyway. Yes there will be a Starcraft 2 DotA, I would be in shock if nothing like it was created.

For the whole video about it:

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Koreaner vet hur man gör det!

Satt just och kollade runt på lite olika match kommentarer på lite RTS spel. (Start Craft, DOW, DOW2, WC3 osv). I vilket jag stöter på ett intro… ett intro som får mig att önska att vi kunde adoptera hela konceptet, få det att blomma upp ordentligt i Sverige och skapa något otroligt coolt!

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