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Nintendo in 1988!

You gotta love old television shows! Enjoy this finding from 1988, when Nintendo was taking over the states. 😉 Brodcasted one year after my birth. o.o Scareh.

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The Truth About Marika.

When I first found this. I was a bit suprised. Not only by the wow factor of the whole idea, but rather: That I MISSED IT! The biggest interactive “event” I’ve ever heard about and… I had to find it by chance? This should be brought to light, mentioned in every Media class out there. Game developers should be drooling over this project. Creative designer should be looking at this and try to understand how to evolve this to a new type of entertainment.

Yes. I fell in love with this whole concept. And again… cant believe I missed it.

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TĂ€vla och vinn pĂ„ xbox live?

Det lĂ„ter ju allt för udda… men nu kommer tvprogramet “1 vs 100” bli spel, pĂ„ xbox live, dĂ€r man vinner priser, och anvĂ€nder sin avatar, och tĂ€vlar, live.
Just nu gÀller detta bara i Canada men troligen kommer trial versioner slÀppas runt om i vÀrlden för att se hur det fungerar. Men ja, kanske blir kul?

Men vad skall man vinna? Microsoft points?

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