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Assassins Creed 3?

Is there a possibility? Ubisoft just put a new video on their YouTube channel with the title: “Mysterious Video of Abstergo offices”. There is nothing in the information or in the video that tells us who we are seeing in the vid or what we are supposed to do. An intresting comment on the video mentioned that we might play as Subject 16, which is indeed one of the possibilites here. The graphics are also different from before, maybe this is a game for a handheld? Doesnt seem like it, but it sure is intresting to see where they are taking this.

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Modern Warfare 2 – Map Packs

Even tho the game is not out yet, they have already revealed that there will be two map packs for xbox360 and PSN. Tho it seems xbox360 owners will get it first.

So before we even have the details on the acctual game. We have info on map packs. Nice.

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