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Battlefield 3 at E3 (EA conference)

So EA just finished their live show, to be honest I’m not a huge fan, I don’t like sports game, and because of that I feel a bit “meh” most of the time, going through so many different sports games.


A thing I want to mention before going into Battlefield 3 and how that will kick the ass out of MW3 (my opinion) let’s talk about some shit talk from EA. They start by saying that they will keep it simple, their show will be all about the games and game developers, unlike certain other companies that bring celebrities on to the stage. Being a hint towards Microsoft for bringing out ICE-T during the showing of Gears of War 3. And after a while… there they go bringing in American football all-stars on to the stage. When that happened… well let’s just say my jaw dropped.

This is the shit right here! The demo EA just showed for the game was stunning, looked great, and made you feel like this is an actual FPS trying to stimulate a somewhat more realistic warzone. It made me drool and long for this game so bad.

If Modern warfare 3 is the arcade game of war.
Battlefield 3 is the war simulator.

They also announced a few other important things. To begin with: RELEASE DATE OCTOBER 25. This if I remember correctly a date not earlier revealed.
OPEN BETA in September. Online stats and community will be free! They mentioned to send a message to MW3, we do the same thing for our players, but free. Let’s see how they will react to this fact, will the new MW3 Elite online thingy also become free within time to fight against BF3?


Modern Warfare 2 – New Trailer!

Finaly! Im so excited about this game. At this very moment im in school doing some hard work. As soon as I get back home I will see if I can do some typ of analysis on the trailer to see what will be happening in the new game. 🙂

For now. Here we go!

Release Date: 11.10.09

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Bad Company 2 – Interview + ingame + info

So to sum it up:
>The game has one less class but more options and weapons than before. Still items/weapons that are unlockable.
>One new gamemode for the multiplayer that we dont know anything about yet.
>Destruction 2.0 More destruction than before. Buildings can now be turned into Rubble!
> New veichles: Quadbikes, AA veichles, Blackhawk(!).
> Bigger maps.
> Released on: 360, PS3, PC,

RELEASE DATE: Early 2010

Source and video. Wanna see it?
Go here:

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