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New Tomb Radier Trailer + Comment

How can we not love you now Lara Croft? They have taken us back in time to see the start of a marvelous traveler. I must say they’ve also made one of the best trailers I’ve ever seen. To show of what they’ve created, the thoughts of a new Lara and the world she will be thrown in to. Tomb Raider will finally be redefined and reworked, the game really needed it. I loved the first few games, but lately it’s been a bit too much of the good stuff. To see a new setting, a new feel and a new main character is lovely. Thank you!


Alice: Madness Returns – Thoughts on Madness

How can you not love it! I’ve always been a huge fan of the subject madness and insanity, when it comes to games or any kind of entertainment like books or movies. Not only because of the weird things that can happen or take place, but also because of how they portrait the human mind. The latest call of duty even touched on the subject of brainwashing and how this showed up to the main character as visions and planted memories.

Silent Hill 2 is also game that intrigues me. “Everything” in that world was based on the main character James, memories, thoughts, feelings and even his own subconscious. It’s one of the games that I still return to forums from time to time to see what kinds of discussions are going on, or just read up on old ones. How the nuns is about his sexuality, pyramidhead being a creature he summons upon himself to punish him for what he done. IT IS AWESOME.

Alice: Madness Returns seems to have a lot of these hidden meanings as well, or at the very least I hope so. I hope they will let the community find small bits and pieces in the game that explains Alice and her state of mind without revealing it all in the story. It may be that, or it will just be a insane world where Alice uses her knife (and other weapons) to pass through obstacles. Either will be fine, in a way, I guess..

So why did I post all this? Becuase I’ve just seen the latest trailer ofcourse! Enjoy!

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Review (xbox 360)

If you don’t understand it by now, I love this game. BlazBlue is what I always wanted in a fighting game. It got a great and vast story, good character design (visually and unique when it comes to abilities and basic attack), 2D and well pretty much everything.
I was one to miss out on what guilty gear was, mostly cause I was never really in to Beat Em’ Up games back in the day and once I tried it, BlazBlue was also there and caught my eye and attention a lot more. My love for BlazBlue started when me and a couple of friends had an all out gaming night, of course a lot of Vs. was being played and this was one of them. I’ve never been great at these kinds of games but seeing the colorful design work and the fact that it’s 2D really dragged me in. At the time the game hadn’t been released in Europe yet and as soon as I found it was coming, I pre-ordered.

Okay enough of my short but very (not so) interesting story, and let’s get to the game itself.

What really drags me in to the BlazBlue universe is how they created a great story and a story mode to play it out. Every character got a storyline that adds up to a great big picture that will be revealed piece by piece. You can even decide to go different paths throughout the story and it will change the outcome of it, and every character got one “real” ending that you’re supposed to find. Finding every possible path and dialog in the story will also reward you in the end.

It doesn’t end there though, every character have about 110 different dialog pieces each, that is used within battles, this is huge, and it changes depending on who they fight, so it’s always interesting to see what they will say, and it’s most often connected to the story and the characters relation within it.

For people that enjoy the more classis type of game play (arcade) where you battle your way through different opponents, that’s always available, and even here you will be given short story related talks between characters. They are not as detailed and deep, but it will give you a basic understanding of the story (if you play it through with all characters).

Why I decided to talk so much about the story and depth around it, is because it is something that is lacking in so many other games like it. When I play this game I don’t understand why other game creators don’t work as much on the story and character design around it, it’s something that should be done more often, cause it’s not only more of the game, but it’s also very rewarding for players that sit down with a beat em up just to play it for fun. I can honestly say I’ve never spent as much time in front of a fighting game that I have with BlazBlue.

When it comes to the fighting, I’m honestly going to admit that I’m not the best fitting person to review it. I’m not very skilled (working on it though), and I can only tell you how it is from a more casual view, which isn’t bad in itself I guess.

The characters all have different play styles, and as a new player you will quickly realize which of them needs a bit more combo work and which of them which simply needs button mashing (Noel being a great example). Even the characters that are considered beginner heroes have a lot of combos and abilities that can be worked with for more experienced players.

It’s a real joy to learn about each character in the game and trying to master them is not only rewarding but fun! For more on the battle system, I’m going to give IGN some credit for a quick and easy review on it:

The network mode that’s put into this game is great. The ranked matchmaking sadly won’t match you against players your own level (not what I’ve noticed anyway), but you can easily host game rooms where up to six people can join in the fun. The room can have several different settings such as number or rounds, round time, rotation set up etc. The way it works is that two players fight each other while the whole room can still chat with each other discussing the action. After the current battle new players will be picked to battle depending on the room set up.
You as a player can also level up, by winning games and completing different requirements like not being damaged and such.

+ Great Story
+ Character Design
+ Much to find and unlock
+ 2D

– Few playable characters
– 2D

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Killzone 3 in the works

IGN posted yesterday with a quote from CEO of SCEA, Jack Tretton, if there would be a third game in the Killzone series. The answear beeing this:

“Well, we own Guerrilla Games and they did a great job on Killzone 1 and 2,” he said. “I don’t know if you’ll see announcements about it, but I can promise you a Killzone 3.”

To read it all go to:

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Lord of the Rings: War in the North

Some games just tend to sneak up on you over night, all of a sudden there is a trailer, a rumor, a release date, and you didn’t even notice when the company started working on the title in the first place. Lord of The Rings: War in the north, is that kind of title. All of a sudden I sat with a trailer in front of me and was unsure if this was going to be the new LOTR: Conquest, or Real Time Strategy game, what was going on here?

I bet some of you didn’t know about this either so here goes, after some digging:

“Electronic Arts released The Lord of the Rings: Conquest in January and as it turns out, it was their last crack at the franchise. Their rights to produce Lord of the Rings video games have expired.”

“The Saul Zaentz Company owns the worldwide exclusive rights to The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. They have a standing agreement with Warner Bros. over the video game rights so Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is probably going to be the publisher on whatever this game is.”

“Warner Bros. has just announced Lord of the Rings: War in the North, an action RPG due on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2011.

Developed in association with Middle-earth Enterprises, War in the North is said to explore both original and familiar narrative elements based on both the literary and motion picture content from The Lord of the Rings.”

It seems as though I’ve missed out on a game. Maybe it’s my lack of interest when it comes to the LOTR games in general, who knows. Will be interesting to see where this leads to at least, sadly it’s not a new RTS. It’s gonna be created by Snowblind Studios (Baldurs gate), and the game will stay true to moments and stories from the books, interesting.

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Upcoming Reviews

I’ve been playing so many games latley its getting kinda weird. With so many good releases and so many things to write about its hard to keep up. Specially when it comes to completing a game before starting a new one, and you really should complete a game fully before reviewing it, right? Atleast closer to the end of the game than the middle of it.

So whats coming up? The following gamres are certain:
Final Fantasy XIII
Resident Evil 5 – Desperate Escape
BlazBlue – Calamity Trigger
Dawn Of War 2 / Multiplayer & Last Stand
Metro 2088 – The Last Refuge

The following games depends on my budget for the rest of the month:
Command & Conquer 4
Ace Attorney Investigations – Miles Edgeworth

Yes I got my head deep into the gaming world this month.

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Crash & Overgrown to Modern Warfare 2!

Just wanted to let you all know that two of the best maps from Call Of Duty 4 will be in the next map pack, Crash and Overgrown. This is some great news for all the players that loved these maps (me included). Funny thing is that I wished for these maps the same morning that the news came out. Wonderful!

Lets hope that PS3 get this update soon as well. 🙂 Not a problem for me personally but they should really be aloud to get it pretty soon. 😮

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Vanquish Trailer

From the creator Shinji Mikami that also created the Resident Evil series, comes a new game action packed game. Atleast that’s what we’ve been told, a near future conflict between USA and Russia and robots, and weapons and action and… let the trailer sell you the game hm?

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Resident Evil 5 – Lost in Nightmares

What can I say…

Lost in Nightmares in a new DLC for Resident Evil 5, it’s the first part of two episodes, the second one coming later this year. Let’s just start off with what you get for your money with Lost In Nightmares.

An extra episode for the game.
Another Mercenary mode called Mercenary Reunion.
Extra figurines.

I probably forgot about something now but this is what you will see straight up and look at when you get it. Let’s start off with the main game part you get, It’s somewhat of a flashback playing Lost In Nightmares. You play as Chris and Jill and you will notice as soon as you get in to it, that this is one Spencer Mansion remake, the first half of the game reminding you of all the horrors that the first game had.

For true fans of the series, this is welcome; you will walk around nervously in your first play thru in fear of what they may have added to this house. I like that the game brings up this feeling, in a much better way than the whole fifth game did, you actually get stressed out and feel the fear crawling up your skin. Very well done.

I can’t really tell much more then this for one reason, which will lower the score of this DLC greatly. The length of the episode, with a friend you will be able to beat this in between 20 and 40 minutes. This is without reading documents that are placed around the episode, with that added you have about an hour maybe more of play time. That’s still not a lot. It feels as if they could have released both episode at the same time and that would have given you sufficient single player action. Right now, it’s disappointing. I’m not saying the game itself is bad, and you will enjoy playing it a couple of times, even if only to get the new achievements.

Graphics are good as always, and sweet old school touch have been added were you get a short animation when walking through doors in the first part of the game. This is very sweet for the fans that have stayed with the series. For players that only played Resident Evil 5 and even maybe RE4, will get lost in many of the old game references, but it’s been like this for quite some time in the series. Always going back to what happened in the older games.

The new Mercenary mode isn’t really “new”, I haven’t unlocked all the maps yet, but for what it looks like, it seems as though it’s the same maps in the first Mercenaries. The characters are new and this will give you a lot of play time that the episode didn’t give you. If you enjoyed trying to beat mercenaries for the characters the first time, this won’t let you down, new equipment builds and clothes may sound like nothing, but it will make you hunt for those last few points.

+ More Resident Evil
+ The horror is back
+ Mercenaries Reunion

– Way too short
– Should have been one single DLC for the whole two parts

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Bad Company 2 – Demo test

You know, there is a demo out right now. I’m going to start it. Right now. And I’m going to play it and write down what I think about, I tried it earlier today and it felt allot like the first one. Of course a few things have been changed, graphics improved and so on. It’s a multiplayer demo so its hard to tell what’s new and better in the single player campaign. Well lets see what we get from this shall we!

(The test will be done on xbox360).

So what do we see when we start the demo:
First I want to mention the Weapon and Gadget menu. Here we can see all the weapons that will be available in the full game, 28 weapons that are specific for different classes (Assault, Engineer, Medic & Recon) and also another 15 weapons that can be used in any class. There are also gadgets, as in the first game, these are motion sensors, C4, Knifes and grenades and so on.
And finally we have the awesome specializations menu. Feeling alot like the perks you would add to your character in Call Of Duty, yet most of them are extra equipment rather some extra “special power”. Like better scopes, armor and upgrades for tanks you drive. Very neat.

If we look a bit further down in the menu we also found: My stats. Just like any new FPS game we feel like we neeeeed this (apparently), to show our huge e-dicks with better k/d ratios. Anyway. Lets start the fighting!

There is only one map in the demo, the icy “Port Valdez”, I believe its called. You have the instant option to join a squad or enter a squad later on. As a team player, I jumped right in to a group of people. The new medic is also a great addition for just that, team playing, being able to revive your allies with the “Defib”, and make you lose one less re-spawn.

I started of as the engineer, we are attacking and as in Bad Company 1, we have 2 places to detonate to get more re-spawns and push the enemies back. At a first glance what you notice is that the HUD feels modern. The circles and names on the map showing you this and that feels flashy in a positive way, with a futuristic neon-like feature to them. You still have the option to spawn in your base, or to one of your squad members, the later being the best (usually).

The teams are at the moment 10 vs. 11, even though this isn’t a HUGE difference from the team sizes in other FPS games on console, it makes a big difference in the actual game, mix this with the squad re-spawn and all of a sudden the game feel epic. The maps are still extremely huge and give you several different strategies to try. They have taken the best qualities from BC1 and put it in here for sure.

Another thing I noticed is that, after you’ve been heavily damage, you don’t stay in the “grey wounded zone”. In bad company one, this could be very annoying, you got wounded, and played as a sniper, and everything would be grey and the sound effects muffled out by a weird echo sound. It was annoying, thank goodness that’s not in here anymore. The sound effects are still high-class, it sounds like an actual battlefield, and the different calls on you radio sounds genuine. Something that can be lacking in other games.

The movement is allot smoother than before. You can turn and twist allot easier now then you could in BC1. Overall the game looks and sounds and plays well. And even though I don’t believe it will be Modern Warfare 2 killer like some people hoped, it will be a great new FPS game. I will be playing it and enjoy just I like I did the first one.

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