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Under The Radar: Foto Showdown

Konami is currently working on a very interesting title called Photo Showdown. At a first look your head will be skipping a step and just think: Another Pokemon game. The point of the game is to collect monsters, fight with them in tournaments, and trade and fight with them against your friends. Overall a pretty standard layout for the gameplay, as it seems at this very moment it will loose alot of interest becuase of a lacking RPG feel. Ofcourse this is only what I can say from the first few trailers that out on the internet at the moment, so this may be different or change.

What makes the game standout then? As you may have noticed, the word Photo starts the name of the game, and with good reason. To capture monsters you run around in tall grass for random encounters, instead you use the DSi camera to take photos, dependingon the photo it will generate a monster for you. How many monsters and how exactly the photos colors and such will matter, we dont know.

Well here is a few videos to show you what the game is about, and it will be interesting to see how this game turns out. ^^

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Best and Worst Of E3

May be a bit selfish, but this is simply the best (and worst) of E3 according to me. What made me smile and exactly why? Some of you will agree with me ofcourse and some of you will… Well probabaly go: “Bananaballs!” If you do, please point out what you thought was better (or worse) at this E3. 🙂

The Worst:
5. I was not there!

4. Bad Company 2
The lack of… was the problem.

3. Nintendo’s Conference
Im not sure about this one.. but.. was it just me that got really dissapointed? It was not enough Wooo moments. And its not like the…

2. Wii Vitality Sensor
…would save them? Who, why and what the hell is going on Nintendo?

1. James Cameron’s Speech.
Im sorry about this one but, to much time, not enough pictures, read my other post on this and why I skipped to write about Ubisofts “keynote”.

Number Five – Live Online
Thank you to everyone and all that worked with the recording and beeing able to see some “Keynotes” online. For the people not beeing able to be there. It was 85% of the E3 experience. Thank you again.

Number Four – Alan Wake
When I first saw this game, the very first trailer and read about the story. I knew I wanted to play it, to see ingame photage and know that this game will be coming out. Is a happy day for me.

Number Three – MAG
256 players at the same time!? I was drooling at this point. Teams, teamwork, objectives, just imagine the kind of battles you can fight, and imagine what teamwork can do in this game!? Im gonna get a PS3 as soon as this gets released.

Number Two – Metal Gear Solid for 360
I applauded. No im not kidding. “Here’s i Hideo Kojima”. One of the biggest smiles I have ever had. Finaly MGS for 360, i’ve been waiting so long. Tho, a bit dissapointed when I found out it was not exclusive for the 360.

Number One – Project Natal + Milo
The biggest, baddest and greatest showing ever. Im sorry if you dont agree, but we’ve seen motion controlers before. We’ve seen what we need to use in order to play thoese kind of games. A controler, a camera something that works together with the game. In what way was this really about “motion”. Project Natal has given the words “motion control” a new meaning. Your body is the new controler. This together with the new AI project called Milo. We saw something that might be the begging of game AI and player interaction. Im seeing the future and im longing to try it out.

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A new face in the Hideo Kojima storm

Yes! I was just in there to check how the countdown was going and I noticed that the storm had picked up. Thinking this might be a chance to see a new peak of whats going on.. I sit… waiting… and there it happens! A new old and welcome face! Raiden?

new metal gear copy

Place for the countdown:

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Kojimas New Metal Gear Solid!

It has just been revelaed, the countdown has ended! There’s been many rumors going around about what this new project would be: Metal Gear Solid for xbox360. A new zone of the enders game. A completle new title?

Well the waiting is over! And after a long wait the following has been revealed:

A new timer at 116 hours first of all. But thats not all. The storm is progressing. Its gotten worse, the effects are now louder and heavier.
But thats no what we’ve been waiting for… this is the thing that we’ve been wanting to see. A REAL UPDATE:

new metal gear copy
(This and a new letter: R).

Let the discussions begin.
And if you want to look for it yourself:

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27 hours left – Metal Gear to xbox360?

Will it finaly happen? As the rumor goes, it will be a Metal Gear Solid project for the xbox360. Konami is currenly having a countdown until they reveal the next project, about 27 hours left until that moment.

There is no sure info on what it will be. The Metal Gear Solid rumos seems as tho it’s mostly based on hope, of the joined wishes of all metal gear solid fans that just havent picked up a PS3 after getting xbox360. Me beeing a huge fan, also beeing one of them.

The countdown untill the “Press Release” can be seen here:
I must say. It’s a very smexy countdown.

For more info:

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Retro Time! – Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Zombies Ate My Neighbors eller Zombies som det fick heta i sin PAL version. Är en gammal klassiker och en av de första ordentliga, roliga och för den tiden, relativt snygga zombie co-op shooter.

Se dÀr va mycket begrepp man kunde ge ett enda spel! Otroligt, spelet slÀpptes till SNES och Mega drive pÄ sin tid, dock har jag sjÀlv bara spelat SNES versionen och det Àr för den som denna lilla tillbaka blick gÀller först och frÀmst.


Du som spelar kan vĂ€lja mellan att vara ett av tvĂ„ barn, en pojke med 3D glasögon och fresyr som bartsimpson, eller en flicka som kĂ€nns lite “tomboy” ala Clare Redfield frĂ„n Resident Evil. Eftersom det finns tvĂ„ karaktĂ€r finns Ă€ven möjligheten av att spela med en kompis, nĂ„got som gjorde det hĂ€r spelet otroligt kul!

Vapnen i spelet Ă€r inte riktigt det man skulle kunna tro, det du anvĂ€nder för att döda horder med zombies, aliens, besatta amerikanskafotboll spelare, cloner av en sjĂ€lv, myror och gigantiska bebisar Àr nĂ€mligen… vattenpistoler, tallrikar och bestick, cola burkar som granater, olika giftiga drycker som vĂ„ra smĂ„ hjĂ€ltar gĂ€rna slĂ€nger i sig som ger olika effekter, grĂ€sklippare och sĂ„klart… en bazooka. Hur dom fick in det vapnet bland alla dessa Ă€r ett mysterium, nĂ„got med kick behövdes vĂ€l.


PoÀngen med spelet Àr att försöka rÀdda sina grannar, turister, bebisar, cheerleaders, soldater (!), arkeologer, lÀrare och valpar (med mer). NÀr alla dessa pÄ en karta antingen har rÀddats eller dött sÄ tar banan slut och en magisk dörr uppenbarar sig med texten: EXIT. Lyckas du dock inte rÀdda nÄgon, klarar du inte banan alls.

Spelet Àr packat med humor, varierande banor som alltid ger nÄgot nytt, tillexempel en bana dÀr du blir jagad av en man i hockey mask och armerad med motorsÄg och han kunde inte dö! Stress och mÄnga roliga situationer vÀntar. Om man har en SNES hemma och kÀnner för att skaffa nÄgot extra spel till sin samling, Àr ZOMBIES, ett mÄste!

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