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10 Minutes Of Starcraft 2 – Heart Of The Swarm

Well it’s not really 10 minutes, but it’s a 10 minute long video with comments and in game photage. It’s looking awesome I tell ya.


Under The Radar – The Saboteur

The Saboteur is one of thoese games you will simply stumble upon while doing some game surfing (Yes I do that). And first reaction was: wow… this looks amazing and sounds amazing. So far there are only still pictures of this game that takes place in France during World War II. You’re a Irish Mechanic that wants payback, and you’re working togehter with the Frensh resistance.

Take a look at some of these awesome pics from the game:

Possible Cover Art:

Awesome stuff!

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Bad Company 2 pictures?

Tru or false? You decide.

Other than that. Cant wait for this game, been longing for a new good shooter for awhile now. Left 4 dead is a game still waiting to be picked up ofcourse but… still too expensive for some reason (cause its a good game most probably).

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