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Nintendo Conference at E3

So what exactly did we get out of this. Some good news for fans of Nintendos game series like; Super Mario and Metroid. No real big news in console itself except for more accessories including the Wii Vitality Sensor that checks your heartrate. What exactly will they do with that?

So real no big wow moments from the conference, the ones that really pushed the whole think up to: OK status was the following:

New Super Mario Brothers Wii
A game they really wanted to push. And it looked fun for a casual, play with friends kind of game. So this may acctualy be a new best seller. What you think?

Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearers
A FF game for the Wii is coming! I love FF games but im not sure how well it translates on to a Wii console. Wont be the same kind of exerperience will it? Will just have to wait for more news on FFXIII.

Kingdom Hearts
Not much to say here. Kingdom Hearts whoo.

Mario & Luigi: Bowsers inside story
Just me or did that look like loads of fun? Sure looked entertaining enough to get when its released. Mario games always seem to have that dont they? The fun and joy of casual gaming. ^^

Golden Sun DS
I used to love these portable games. Golden Sun is a RPG that fits more people then just the hardcore RPG fans. Tho I always prefered the 2D kind of feel in these games.

Super Mario Galaxy 2
Well its …. the second Super Mario Galaxy!

Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicle / Dead Space Extraction
Same kind of game get the same spot here hehe. Two games I acctualy want to try out and play. Sadly the lack of a wii will stop this from ever happening. :/

And the big cannon:
Metroid: Other M
“Can we bring new mature games out as well. Ofcourse.” I was acctualy hoping for a complete new game here and was kinda on the edge of my seat untill I saw the first five seconds and just thought: Another Metroid game…?
I was right. Before you use the word “new” in pressreleases. Be sure to acctualy make it feel new.

So overall. It did not beat down Microsofts awesome performance. Alot of people were hoping for Nintendo to make a great show out of this and it sadly didnt happen. That is not to say tho that they DID show alot of good games! Even if they dont suprise us and kicks the game industry in the balls, it keeps putting out descent family friendly titles that just keeps sellin.

Vitality Sensor… what the…?!

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