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Battlefield 3 at E3 (EA conference)

So EA just finished their live show, to be honest I’m not a huge fan, I don’t like sports game, and because of that I feel a bit “meh” most of the time, going through so many different sports games.


A thing I want to mention before going into Battlefield 3 and how that will kick the ass out of MW3 (my opinion) let’s talk about some shit talk from EA. They start by saying that they will keep it simple, their show will be all about the games and game developers, unlike certain other companies that bring celebrities on to the stage. Being a hint towards Microsoft for bringing out ICE-T during the showing of Gears of War 3. And after a while… there they go bringing in American football all-stars on to the stage. When that happened… well let’s just say my jaw dropped.

This is the shit right here! The demo EA just showed for the game was stunning, looked great, and made you feel like this is an actual FPS trying to stimulate a somewhat more realistic warzone. It made me drool and long for this game so bad.

If Modern warfare 3 is the arcade game of war.
Battlefield 3 is the war simulator.

They also announced a few other important things. To begin with: RELEASE DATE OCTOBER 25. This if I remember correctly a date not earlier revealed.
OPEN BETA in September. Online stats and community will be free! They mentioned to send a message to MW3, we do the same thing for our players, but free. Let’s see how they will react to this fact, will the new MW3 Elite online thingy also become free within time to fight against BF3?


Lord of the Rings: War in the North

Some games just tend to sneak up on you over night, all of a sudden there is a trailer, a rumor, a release date, and you didn’t even notice when the company started working on the title in the first place. Lord of The Rings: War in the north, is that kind of title. All of a sudden I sat with a trailer in front of me and was unsure if this was going to be the new LOTR: Conquest, or Real Time Strategy game, what was going on here?

I bet some of you didn’t know about this either so here goes, after some digging:

“Electronic Arts released The Lord of the Rings: Conquest in January and as it turns out, it was their last crack at the franchise. Their rights to produce Lord of the Rings video games have expired.”

“The Saul Zaentz Company owns the worldwide exclusive rights to The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. They have a standing agreement with Warner Bros. over the video game rights so Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is probably going to be the publisher on whatever this game is.”

“Warner Bros. has just announced Lord of the Rings: War in the North, an action RPG due on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2011.

Developed in association with Middle-earth Enterprises, War in the North is said to explore both original and familiar narrative elements based on both the literary and motion picture content from The Lord of the Rings.”

It seems as though I’ve missed out on a game. Maybe it’s my lack of interest when it comes to the LOTR games in general, who knows. Will be interesting to see where this leads to at least, sadly it’s not a new RTS. It’s gonna be created by Snowblind Studios (Baldurs gate), and the game will stay true to moments and stories from the books, interesting.

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Bad Company 2 Vs. Modern Warfare 2 / Part 1

(Played on Xbox 360)

So there it is, the two FPS giants of this very moment. Some would argue that Halo and such should be mentioned but I don’t believe any of them comes to this standard. Excuse me, I don’t really mean standard when I say it like that, I mean games that takes place today with soldiers that might as well have been true (not really).

So let give me a few seconds to go on to YouTube, why? Cause that’s one of the places where the fans really fight it out. The fan boys of both games, type down angry words in a mix of opinion why the game they play is the better one. Of course my own opinion will matter more then all of these comments, but it’s still fun to start of somewhere around an “emotional lane”.

“Whoohoo i have batllefield bad company
its a good game better that call of duty, because you have vehicules and big maps etc haha good.”

“don’t get this game on the 360 it’s rubbish, the graphics are terrible and the frame rates are shocking, the concept of the game is great but it’s got some real issues. after playing mw2 and cod4 which is a smooth as glass with great controls this game is unbearable to play. very poor effort EA”

“It’s probably awkard because DICE must’ve thought about knife spam. To be honest, having a harder time getting a knife kill makes it so much more rewarding & much more encouraging to use it as a stealth tactic to eliminate snipers or those failing to watch their surroundings rather than run through the gunfire and hope for the best.It’s what Battlefield is about. Teamwork & strategy. And it awards you much more for doing either rather than being a one man killing machine. That’s why I love it”

Something I found interesting while looking for these comments, is the fact that they were all found under Bad Company 2 videos. Tried to look in the comments of Modern Warfare 2 videos as well, but mostly found: “This is the best.” “This is the shits.” “Join my room for prestige 10.”
There are also a few mentioning’s of Bad Company 2 but most of the creative comments are posted under the Bad Company 2 videos themselves. Maybe BC2 fans feel they have more to prove to the FPS community than what MW2 players have to.
So let’s examine a few points with both games. Examine what works best and why, if there is such a thing as “best”. Also keep in mind that most of these thoughts will be connected with multiplayer, not so much the single player campaigns of the games.


Graphics are becoming a bigger and bigger part of gaming as we know it. People can often get turned off by the fact that the games don’t look like they “should”. Of course lesser graphics doesn’t mean that a game is worse or better, it may be connected with system, budget, skill of developers and of course how it works for that particular game.

If I had to pick one of the games when it comes to graphics, it would probably be Modern Warfare 2. Is it that much better? Perhaps not, but it’s a lot more tightened down and focused then in Bad Company 2. Why is this really? The thing is that BC2 covers a much bigger area, everything around is destructible and can be blown to bits or shot down. This also gives you a better feeling of a battlefield, it could also explain why the graphics are somewhat worse at some points. This is of course out of a map and scenery aspect, when it comes to characters I would have to say that I prefer the way they are portrayed in BC2.
Who wins in the big graphic wars of FPS? I would have to say Modern Warfare 2. Don’t get me wrong though, Bad Company 2 is great when it comes to graphics as well.


For people that have played both games, I’m pretty sure you already know the outcome of this one. Modern Warfare 2 has some great music and sound effects, the weapons sound great and are really well portrayed. Sadly, it’s around the guns where the magnificent sound work stops. The rest of the sounds cover what it should do, footsteps and grenades and such, but don’t really do much else.

Bad Company 2 however don’t only have great sounding guns, but it changes depending on where you are and gives a great realistic sounds when heard from afar (from other players), should also be mentioned that MW2 also have this function, the guns do sound different depending on the distance, but BC 2 does this a lot better. It sounds like a battlefield, and that’s something they should be proud of, the sounds of tanks, grenades and helicopters are also very significant, they fill a space in picture of sound that surrounds you, and you can even use this to a tactical advantage in multiplayer, you can listen to where you’re opponents are and such.

This factor is also recognized in MW2, where footsteps can be heard from the direction of people walking around, sadly, I feel that the maps have such a straightforward layout (and are generally small) that you mostly know where the opponents are going to pop up. This does a lot more when playing smaller games and/or one on one.

When it comes to sound – Bad Company 2 really stands out.


This is such a touchy subject, it really is. What you prefer as a player is so personal, and some people will like BC2 controls better and vice versa. What we really can see as a difference here is that BC2 has a somewhat bulkier control, a bit slower and also includes vehicles. MW2 is a lot quicker and some would say smoother, I must admit that I myself sometimes wished for the same quick responsive controls in BC2, but this is mostly when experiencing close quarter combat, something that is not as common in BC2 compared to MW2. Each game has the controls it needs to be efficient and used correctly. At this point it really feels as though the games are of different genres, Bad Company 2 – a war game, and Modern Warfare 2 – a small conflict game.

Both games have controls that function, non will really stand out of the winner here.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this game duel!

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E3 News 2 – EA conference.

So lets get togehter and look at what EA had to show us this year. I must say that I wish that DICE had been there to tell us about Bad Company 2. No such luck im afraid, no showing of Army Of two: 40 days either. Sad, would have been a good showing.

The games that really stood out this evening were:
Need For Speed – Shift
The cockpit vision for this game was insane, the graphics as well. Im not much for motorsports game (or sports games for that matter), but this looks intresting and I will look into it.

Mass Effect 2 (Tho it was a bit short).
Not much to add to this really. Mass Effect 2 continues the saga!

The Saboteur
This game just keeps on growing on me, the trailer still looks awesome, and the ingame photage impressed me. A gta4 meets assassins creed in world war II… cant be less than perfect.

Crysis 2 (announcment)
Announced for 360, ps3 and PC. Awesome for all console gamers out there. Not much was revealed about this title except for… well… the title.

APB – All Points Bulletin
It started by looking so good with everything that you could customize, a open world like gta, but it kinda made me lose intrest half through the trailer. To repetetive… but it looked great and may be worth looking into in the coming months.

Star Wars – Old Republic.
The trailer that kicked your ass! Literally. Even tho im not a big mmo fan this trailer… wow let me tell ya… well acctualy. Let me post it once I find it shall I? You will have to make it out for yourself.

Brutal Legends
Ozzy and Lemmy!? And Jack Black! Humour assured… the game itself… well who cares did I mention Jack Black and Lemmy?

Other titles mentioned:
Dantes Infero
Sims 3
Littlest Pet Shop
Charm Girls
Dragon Age
Fight Night Round 4
EA Active Expansion
EA Sports – Mixed Martial Arts
EA Sports online
EA Team Builder (to customize your teams in EA sports games)
Grand Slam Tennis

So overall… im not impressed really. APB looks intresting but wasent making me go: omg omg omg! The Saboteur was the best part for me personally. Good game looking good and I want to see more!

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EA live in 20 minutes!

Dont miss this one, be sure to check it out live cause that’s when its best. 😉 Am I right people?

Go here:

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The Saboteur – New E3 trailer

This game is just looking better and better I must say. One of the best looking trailers in awhile now. Alot of trailer latley tho… so I might be wrong. But even then, this is hanging around in the top.

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Army of Two: The 40th Day. New interview.

Here you go!

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Free To Play – Battleforge!

Thank you EA and thank you for using Twitter. The follwing message was just posted and I was well impressed.

EA BattleForge (@battleforge) is now free to play. Check out: for more details and a download link<

Here it is:

So if you been wanting to try this game, now is a good chance for you to do so. Me for one, will do it. As soon as I’ve written that Guitar Hero – Metallica review. And Modern Warfare 2 trailer analysis. And all my school work (priority one at the moment).

Enjoyt it!

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Dead Space: Extraction on the Wii.

Ofcourse… its gonna be much like Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. Im gonna be open about this, I have not tried it, and I dont know how it plays. Been hearing good things about it tho. So maybe its the right way to go to get Dead Space on to the console. Again, im not much for thoese types of games (unless for a short while in an arcade and so on).
Lets hope for the best for all you Wii owners out there.

Now back to Guitar Hero – Metallica I go!

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Bad Company 2 – Interview + ingame + info

So to sum it up:
>The game has one less class but more options and weapons than before. Still items/weapons that are unlockable.
>One new gamemode for the multiplayer that we dont know anything about yet.
>Destruction 2.0 More destruction than before. Buildings can now be turned into Rubble!
> New veichles: Quadbikes, AA veichles, Blackhawk(!).
> Bigger maps.
> Released on: 360, PS3, PC,

RELEASE DATE: Early 2010

Source and video. Wanna see it?
Go here:

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