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Bang bang bang bang! Vamanos vamanos!

Hello everyone!

Ever heard a great song in a game trailer? Not really wanting to look for it yourself. Well here ya go. 😉
A short list of my favourites. (That I acctualy ended up hearing or looking for).
Thanks to miss \m/ for sharing the song “Still Alive” a while back. ^^

Trailer: Left 4 Dead 2
Song: Electric Worry
Band: Clutch

Trailer: Army Of Two
Song: Runnin’ Wild
Band: Airbourne

Trailer: Gear Of War
Song: Mad World
Artist: Gary Jules

Trailer: Mirrors Edge
Song: Still Alive
Artist: Lisa Miskovsky

Hope you liked it!

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Modern Warfare 2 (and more)

This game just doesnt give me any rest. Currently at prestige two, and I doubt I need to write a review for such a game. Seeing as the reviews are flying around the net, even now after a few weeks of its release.

Hope you’re enjoying it as much as I do.

Oh, and also, completed Assassins Creed 2, so much better then the first one! Played a little bit of saboteur as well, didnt suck me in as much as Assassins Creed 2 but Im still blaming MW2 for that. Addicting.

Cya online game lovers.

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DoW2 – The Last Stand Trailer!


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Dawn Of War 2 – The Last Stand DLC

A new game mode is hitting Dawn Of War 2. “The Last Stand” in which you and 2 friends use a hero each from either Space Marines, Eldar or Orks. And by working together you will have to stand firm against waves of enemy attackers and different bosses. This will give a completley new experience to the game and will hopefully be a great expansion to the already great strategy game.

More Info:

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Ponten på DreamHack.

Sådant här trevligt hittar man på YouTubes framsida ibland. Tycker det är synd att “publiken” skall vara som den är bara.

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Best and Worst Of E3

May be a bit selfish, but this is simply the best (and worst) of E3 according to me. What made me smile and exactly why? Some of you will agree with me ofcourse and some of you will… Well probabaly go: “Bananaballs!” If you do, please point out what you thought was better (or worse) at this E3. 🙂

The Worst:
5. I was not there!

4. Bad Company 2
The lack of… was the problem.

3. Nintendo’s Conference
Im not sure about this one.. but.. was it just me that got really dissapointed? It was not enough Wooo moments. And its not like the…

2. Wii Vitality Sensor
…would save them? Who, why and what the hell is going on Nintendo?

1. James Cameron’s Speech.
Im sorry about this one but, to much time, not enough pictures, read my other post on this and why I skipped to write about Ubisofts “keynote”.

Number Five – Live Online
Thank you to everyone and all that worked with the recording and beeing able to see some “Keynotes” online. For the people not beeing able to be there. It was 85% of the E3 experience. Thank you again.

Number Four – Alan Wake
When I first saw this game, the very first trailer and read about the story. I knew I wanted to play it, to see ingame photage and know that this game will be coming out. Is a happy day for me.

Number Three – MAG
256 players at the same time!? I was drooling at this point. Teams, teamwork, objectives, just imagine the kind of battles you can fight, and imagine what teamwork can do in this game!? Im gonna get a PS3 as soon as this gets released.

Number Two – Metal Gear Solid for 360
I applauded. No im not kidding. “Here’s i Hideo Kojima”. One of the biggest smiles I have ever had. Finaly MGS for 360, i’ve been waiting so long. Tho, a bit dissapointed when I found out it was not exclusive for the 360.

Number One – Project Natal + Milo
The biggest, baddest and greatest showing ever. Im sorry if you dont agree, but we’ve seen motion controlers before. We’ve seen what we need to use in order to play thoese kind of games. A controler, a camera something that works together with the game. In what way was this really about “motion”. Project Natal has given the words “motion control” a new meaning. Your body is the new controler. This together with the new AI project called Milo. We saw something that might be the begging of game AI and player interaction. Im seeing the future and im longing to try it out.

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Sony Conference at E3

So what can I say. Overall this was a great show. Alot of great games announced a few suprises and even tho their motion capture control that they showed was not as impressive as Project Natal by Microsoft. The feel of the whole show and all the great trailers made this overall better. PSP GO was talked about and several new PSP games were announced such as Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker seems to be a multiplayer experience for the PSP. Hideo Kojima was also sure to mention that the game was not a spinof from the metal gear story, but a new episode of the saga already loved by so many.

Resident Evil for PSP was just mentioned and sadly not alot of information was given on this title.

Final Fantasy XIII was ofcourse shown with a great new trailer that would probably take your breath away if you were there in person (That was some huge screen they had to show trailers on). Soon after this trailer they also announced a Playstation 3 exclusive game: Final Fantasy XIV – Online. A new online game in the FF univserse, and maybe this time it will truly break out as a great game (looked good from where I was sitting).

The live multiplayer presentation of the game MAG made my jaw drop. When they told us about this PS3 exclusive game with a multiplayer capability of 256(!) players at the same time. This may just be the game that pushes me over to get a PS3 now togheter with Killzone 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4.

Sony was finaly able to really show what the PS3 can do and the quality they’ve been aiming for. Even tho its been slow uptil now, the tide seems to turn as several new and great games are exlusivly released for PS3. A few examples are:

The third game in the ICO saga called: The Last Guardian. To really understand and see the artistic feel of this game I will urge you to go and look for the E3 trailer of this game. It looked amazing!

ModNation Racers which is somewhat of a followup on Little Big Planet gives us a world of racing where we can customize, create and share anything and everything. A casual game for gamers? Intresting.
Ofcourse this also gave us my favourite quote from this E3: “I like mountains, he likes cheep.”

Several other games that are worth and will be mentioned in this blog within the coming days:
God Of War III
Assassins Creed 2
Uncharted 2
Assassins Creed Bloodlines
The new motion controller from sony.
PSP GO and and PSN.

And much much more.
Thank you Sony for a great show.

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Ubisoft Conference – I skipped it.

Not saying that I did not watch it. Cause I did. But I did not feel the need to post about it here. The overall comment would be, draged out, to much talk about avatar without acctualy showing ANYTHING, and the games we wanted more of just entered and left real quick.

The two higlights of the two hours:
Assassins Creed Trailer.
Splinter Cell Conviction demo showing.

These were great. But only covered 1/20 of the whole conference. If anything I dont even want to know about avatar now.

A tip for anyone making a presentation about a imaginary world:
SHOW pictures so that people can relate to what youre saying. Its not fun to hear about diffrent alians and planets and places and creatures and so on. Without acctualy getting a peak. We were follwing that speech blindly without any chance of making a proper mental picture. I tried… but it was hard.

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Ubisoft conference on the go!;press-conf-list

Be sure to follow it live while you can! Starts in just a few minutes!

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Star Wars – Old Republic (Trailer)

I told you that I would show you didnt I? 😉

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