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Mega Man 10 <3

I’ve hardly completed the 9th game (im in the last bit and I just got annoyed with it at one point). But I still love the little bluedressed boy-robot-thing! Mega Man 10 has been announced for Wii-Ware. Im sure it will be released to 360 and PS3 soon enough aswell tho. So happy moment for all us retro fanatics!

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Best and Worst Of E3

May be a bit selfish, but this is simply the best (and worst) of E3 according to me. What made me smile and exactly why? Some of you will agree with me ofcourse and some of you will… Well probabaly go: “Bananaballs!” If you do, please point out what you thought was better (or worse) at this E3. 🙂

The Worst:
5. I was not there!

4. Bad Company 2
The lack of… was the problem.

3. Nintendo’s Conference
Im not sure about this one.. but.. was it just me that got really dissapointed? It was not enough Wooo moments. And its not like the…

2. Wii Vitality Sensor
…would save them? Who, why and what the hell is going on Nintendo?

1. James Cameron’s Speech.
Im sorry about this one but, to much time, not enough pictures, read my other post on this and why I skipped to write about Ubisofts “keynote”.

Number Five – Live Online
Thank you to everyone and all that worked with the recording and beeing able to see some “Keynotes” online. For the people not beeing able to be there. It was 85% of the E3 experience. Thank you again.

Number Four – Alan Wake
When I first saw this game, the very first trailer and read about the story. I knew I wanted to play it, to see ingame photage and know that this game will be coming out. Is a happy day for me.

Number Three – MAG
256 players at the same time!? I was drooling at this point. Teams, teamwork, objectives, just imagine the kind of battles you can fight, and imagine what teamwork can do in this game!? Im gonna get a PS3 as soon as this gets released.

Number Two – Metal Gear Solid for 360
I applauded. No im not kidding. “Here’s i Hideo Kojima”. One of the biggest smiles I have ever had. Finaly MGS for 360, i’ve been waiting so long. Tho, a bit dissapointed when I found out it was not exclusive for the 360.

Number One – Project Natal + Milo
The biggest, baddest and greatest showing ever. Im sorry if you dont agree, but we’ve seen motion controlers before. We’ve seen what we need to use in order to play thoese kind of games. A controler, a camera something that works together with the game. In what way was this really about “motion”. Project Natal has given the words “motion control” a new meaning. Your body is the new controler. This together with the new AI project called Milo. We saw something that might be the begging of game AI and player interaction. Im seeing the future and im longing to try it out.

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“Trauma Team” in 2010 on Wii.

Next year we will be seeing a completle new “Hospital simulator” as I would like to call it. In this new game that evolved out from the games of “Trauma Center”, you will be able to pick one of six professions: surgeon, diagnostician, emergency medical technician, orthopaedic surgeon, endoscope technician, and medical examiner.

No details on gameplay or such yet. We may get more info on this game during E3.

trauma team 1


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Kojimas New Metal Gear Solid!

It has just been revelaed, the countdown has ended! There’s been many rumors going around about what this new project would be: Metal Gear Solid for xbox360. A new zone of the enders game. A completle new title?

Well the waiting is over! And after a long wait the following has been revealed:

A new timer at 116 hours first of all. But thats not all. The storm is progressing. Its gotten worse, the effects are now louder and heavier.
But thats no what we’ve been waiting for… this is the thing that we’ve been wanting to see. A REAL UPDATE:

new metal gear copy
(This and a new letter: R).

Let the discussions begin.
And if you want to look for it yourself:

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Review – Guitar Hero Metallica


A band I’ve followed for years now. I’ve been to several concerts and been listening to their music on my mp3 before that thing we call Ipod. I’m a fan. And as a fan of the great that’s called Metallica, this review will give you a look in to the game if you yourself is a fan. It’s hard to put myself outside that position.

Guitar Hero games in general are all about the songs in it. In this case it’s all about Metallica and bands that have been a part of their career in some way. The thing that makes this game interesting compared to many other GH games is the bonuses. There are several behind the scene videos, the making of and even live concerts to watch in this game. Added to this is also song information, once you’ve completed the song you can “watch” it and get information about it, when it was recorded, why, back story and so on. All of this adds up to the games worth.  Again if you’re a Metallica fan all of this will make you smile and beyond.

Now to the actual gaming; there are not a lot of songs in this game, this will become dead clear once you’ve played it to the end three… four… five times. But it’s not really a negative thing here, the songs are well picked and I must say, very well fitting for GH. For the first time in a good long time, I’ve been digging it while playing the songs (Metallica songs and the rest as well!). This really helps when you just want to play for your enjoyment.

I wish I could say that I’ve played it as a band at home and been enjoying the game with some friends (something I really believe in for this game). It’s a party game that can be fun with friends but also alone which is a very very good thing. Then again, if you need goals to keep yourself interested, the achievements in this game are well balanced. A few complicated once but none of which is impossible to complete, something I really had a problem with in the old GH games.

If you want one of the best Guitar Hero games out there, Guitar Hero Metallica was made for you. It’s a bit smaller but with a lot of bonuses and extra material. You have the option to play as a band with your friends and rock out to some of the best metal songs written. You will not regret getting this game if you’re already a GH fan.

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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.

Efter att ha skrivit en viss lista där jag nämnde Silent Hill 2. Ja en lista där jag beskrev att jag gärna skulle vilja se en remake på just detta spel. Så surfade jag in på Konamis hemsida och märkte att, komiskt nog skulle det bli en remake på ett Silent Hill spel… dock på det första… och till Wii och PSP.

Jag äger… inget av dom. Men det är ändå kul att se när en riktig klassiker får nytt liv, och hur dom kommer göra det, speciellt till wii.

Spelets namn då? Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Här är några fina punkter som kanske ökar suget:

>A re-imagining of the original Silent Hill that turns everything you thought you knew on its head.

>The game watches you and adapts to your actions to create a unique experience to each player and intensify their fears.

>Implementation of a cell phone as the user interface, which acts as a story telling device, map, puzzle helper, and camera that provides seamless flow with no interruption in gameplay.

>New nightmare sequence focus on escape and evasion rather than direct confrontation.

>Silent Hill: Shattered Memories will feature an all-new soundtrack by acclaimed series composer Akira Yamaoka.

Läs gärna mer:

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