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Heroes of Newerth – A New Review

It’s time to do this once again! Last time I wrote a review on Heroes Of Newerth was during the beta of the game. Back then I had hardly played any DotA and I wasn’t a big fan of how it played and worked. I was soon to be blown away by a game much like it. For some of you that know of both these games, you will see that HoN is a clone of DotA, in game style and even down to several of the heroes. Even if they have been rebalanced and changed to fit the meta game within HoN.

So, HoN is a multiplayer game where you and 4 others go up against 5 other players. Imagine tower defense, now imagine this in a RTS kind of looking game, where you see everything from above. Imagine three different roads to the enemy base. These roads need to be pushed down past enemy towers to eventually destroy the base. While you and the other players control a unique hero to help your team, taking different roles as support, tank, ganker, carry and so on. Killing enemy heroes and destroying their buildings will give you and your team gold and XP, this is used to advance your skills and buy items for your hero.

The graphics are great, they work well for this type of game and even if that means that the graphics aren’t great, it works. Each hero has a unique look and feel to them. Graphics isn’t really the important thing of the game, it works, it fits it, certain things look better and certain things look worse. Most people will look at this game and compare to DotA, and because of that, this game wins the graphic race. Not a big surprise seeing how old DotA and Warcraft 3 actually are.

The controls are simple, you click where you want your hero to move, and you use Q, W, E and R to use your 4 different abilities. You don’t need much experience for the basics of the controls, try them out once and you should be set to play the game. The difference between a good and a great player in HoN, is how you control your hero. How you use your skills in the game, how you cooperate with the other players and communication with other players and so on. What you really need to set your mind into is the short keys, or hot keys. How to use your items quickly without the hassle of moving around with the mouse in important situations like team fights.

One thing that you should know before running in to this game is; the community isn’t nice. This game thrives on team work, the better you and your team works together the bigger chance you have of winning. This makes HoN (and any game like it) a horrible place for new players, while learning the basics, you will be facing a lot of “bullshit” from people in the game. There’s always a lot of hate pointed at players doing bad, and I hope that most new players can look past that. As soon as you get into it a bit more, there’s a great game to find behind the wall of “NOOB!”.

HoN isn’t DotA, but for any player out there that plays one or the other, they will be able to try the other game and understanding it quickly. As it is now, HoN gets a new hero every two weeks, mostly they also fix and change different items and setting within the game to balance it out. One important thing to notice is that this is NOT a game that requires you to spend money on it after the first 30$ like many other games like it. There are several cosmetic and sound options that can be bought, but these are also available with the in game money you earn for playing. All heroes and items are available at all times, so it never turns the balance if someone spent more money on the game then you did.

Heroes of Newerth is the kind of game that you may not be sure if you like at first, and when you sit back and look at the time you will realize that you spent 2-3 hours playing it. It’s an addicting game and it constantly changes thanks to the huge pool of heroes. There are currently 80 heroes in the game, and you only use 10 heroes each game, and a different mix every time. Yea… there will be a different feel every game.

HoN is a addicting game with a fun type of game play. The community is harsh towards new players that don’t know the game as well as them, but as soon as the noob barrier is passed the game will be a lot more rewarding. Team work games have always been major part of what I enjoy what in comes to online games, and HoN really puts that to test. Can you work together to defeat the enemy team? You will always feel great when a plan works just as you imagined it, or when you escape death with only a little health.

New players may find it slow and even at times hard if you haven’t played a game like it before. But the more you learn and the better you get, you will understand that every moment in the game is important if you want it to run in your favor.

+ Constantly evolving with new heroes and updates
+ Addictive game play
+ Team Work

– The community
– Hard to get into for a completely new player
– Balance in the game can switch quickly to the worse with so many new heroes and updates


Yu Gi Oh – Coming to xbox live.

Believe it or not, the Yu Gi Oh card game is coming to xbox live! A game that is currently one of the biggest trading card games in the world, and it was just a matter of time til they moved a step beyond the PSP and NDS. What I dont like at this moment is the fact that you will have to buy packs with microsoft points to get more and new cards? Maybe there is a ingame function to get new cards as well, otherwise I see alot of players just sticking with what they start of with, if they will get it all knowing this.

Maybe it works more like a bonus pack, that gives you thoese extra and better cards. We’ll just have to wait and see about that. Here is the quoted info on the game, followed by a few pictures:

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Decade Duels

Complete with the most robust card offering and the opportunity to purchase additional card packs through XBOX Live Arcade Marketplace to expand your deck
Includes cards from Classic Yu-Gi-Oh!, GX and 5D’s
Complete against the most popular Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s characters during the finals
Battle through Single player or compete in 4 player tag duels with text and voice chat ability
Includes 3 modes of play:
Rank Match- Compete against Yu-Gi-Oh! fans of the same rank and ability
Quick Match- Jump right into the action and compete against any Yu-Gi-Oh! fan
Custom Match- Battle your friends and completely customize the rules of play
Complete with live leader boards to track your rank as well as your friends

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Back In Action!

Sorry to all readers and visitors. Nurgle (me) is back and ready to blog about all the important gaming world again. ^^

So what will be upp soon enough?
BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Review
Metro 2033 Review (way overdue I know)
News, reviews and thoughts in general about the world of gaming. 😉

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Upcoming Reviews

I’ve been playing so many games latley its getting kinda weird. With so many good releases and so many things to write about its hard to keep up. Specially when it comes to completing a game before starting a new one, and you really should complete a game fully before reviewing it, right? Atleast closer to the end of the game than the middle of it.

So whats coming up? The following gamres are certain:
Final Fantasy XIII
Resident Evil 5 – Desperate Escape
BlazBlue – Calamity Trigger
Dawn Of War 2 / Multiplayer & Last Stand
Metro 2088 – The Last Refuge

The following games depends on my budget for the rest of the month:
Command & Conquer 4
Ace Attorney Investigations – Miles Edgeworth

Yes I got my head deep into the gaming world this month.

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Bad Company 2 – Demo test

You know, there is a demo out right now. I’m going to start it. Right now. And I’m going to play it and write down what I think about, I tried it earlier today and it felt allot like the first one. Of course a few things have been changed, graphics improved and so on. It’s a multiplayer demo so its hard to tell what’s new and better in the single player campaign. Well lets see what we get from this shall we!

(The test will be done on xbox360).

So what do we see when we start the demo:
First I want to mention the Weapon and Gadget menu. Here we can see all the weapons that will be available in the full game, 28 weapons that are specific for different classes (Assault, Engineer, Medic & Recon) and also another 15 weapons that can be used in any class. There are also gadgets, as in the first game, these are motion sensors, C4, Knifes and grenades and so on.
And finally we have the awesome specializations menu. Feeling alot like the perks you would add to your character in Call Of Duty, yet most of them are extra equipment rather some extra “special power”. Like better scopes, armor and upgrades for tanks you drive. Very neat.

If we look a bit further down in the menu we also found: My stats. Just like any new FPS game we feel like we neeeeed this (apparently), to show our huge e-dicks with better k/d ratios. Anyway. Lets start the fighting!

There is only one map in the demo, the icy “Port Valdez”, I believe its called. You have the instant option to join a squad or enter a squad later on. As a team player, I jumped right in to a group of people. The new medic is also a great addition for just that, team playing, being able to revive your allies with the “Defib”, and make you lose one less re-spawn.

I started of as the engineer, we are attacking and as in Bad Company 1, we have 2 places to detonate to get more re-spawns and push the enemies back. At a first glance what you notice is that the HUD feels modern. The circles and names on the map showing you this and that feels flashy in a positive way, with a futuristic neon-like feature to them. You still have the option to spawn in your base, or to one of your squad members, the later being the best (usually).

The teams are at the moment 10 vs. 11, even though this isn’t a HUGE difference from the team sizes in other FPS games on console, it makes a big difference in the actual game, mix this with the squad re-spawn and all of a sudden the game feel epic. The maps are still extremely huge and give you several different strategies to try. They have taken the best qualities from BC1 and put it in here for sure.

Another thing I noticed is that, after you’ve been heavily damage, you don’t stay in the “grey wounded zone”. In bad company one, this could be very annoying, you got wounded, and played as a sniper, and everything would be grey and the sound effects muffled out by a weird echo sound. It was annoying, thank goodness that’s not in here anymore. The sound effects are still high-class, it sounds like an actual battlefield, and the different calls on you radio sounds genuine. Something that can be lacking in other games.

The movement is allot smoother than before. You can turn and twist allot easier now then you could in BC1. Overall the game looks and sounds and plays well. And even though I don’t believe it will be Modern Warfare 2 killer like some people hoped, it will be a great new FPS game. I will be playing it and enjoy just I like I did the first one.

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The list that never was!

Just realized that I havent posted the top 10 list of 2010 yet. Maybe not a bad thing. And I just noticed I had a hit overload on one of my posts. Heroes of Newerth all of a sudden had about 200+ hit. Will investigate why this happened, I may also start writing strategy tips, or post arguments for why this and that works better. Ofcourse this is from a noobs standpoint, and any comments or help on that would be awesome! 🙂

Well at the moment im in school, the school im thinking of quiting. We’ll have to see about that…

Anyway when I get home I will find that list and post it!

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everybody!
Hope you have a good one! 🙂

A special christmas gift:

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Bang bang bang bang! Vamanos vamanos!

Hello everyone!

Ever heard a great song in a game trailer? Not really wanting to look for it yourself. Well here ya go. 😉
A short list of my favourites. (That I acctualy ended up hearing or looking for).
Thanks to miss \m/ for sharing the song “Still Alive” a while back. ^^

Trailer: Left 4 Dead 2
Song: Electric Worry
Band: Clutch

Trailer: Army Of Two
Song: Runnin’ Wild
Band: Airbourne

Trailer: Gear Of War
Song: Mad World
Artist: Gary Jules

Trailer: Mirrors Edge
Song: Still Alive
Artist: Lisa Miskovsky

Hope you liked it!

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YouTube project coming up.

Hello everyone!

Currently im working on a few episodes for a YouTube project thats gonna connect with this blog. That also means I need to be a bit more active here, and acctualy record a few videos every week. The YouTube blogging will be about everything from Video Games, Board Games, Roleplaying Games, Card Games and much more.

Cya on the Tube. 😉

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Modern Warfare 2 (and more)

This game just doesnt give me any rest. Currently at prestige two, and I doubt I need to write a review for such a game. Seeing as the reviews are flying around the net, even now after a few weeks of its release.

Hope you’re enjoying it as much as I do.

Oh, and also, completed Assassins Creed 2, so much better then the first one! Played a little bit of saboteur as well, didnt suck me in as much as Assassins Creed 2 but Im still blaming MW2 for that. Addicting.

Cya online game lovers.

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