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Thieves and cops, gangsters and peacekeepers, bad guys and good guys, all jammed together in one huge open beta package. APB is an action packed MMORPG game, and you take the role of a criminal or a cop. Lets’ start out with the basics now shall we.

As I mentioned, the first thing you need to decide on is if you want to fight for crime or peace. The difference mostly being what kind of weapons and gear you get, the characters you meet during the “story” and cosmetics. Once decided you get to create your character, and this is vast, if you’ve played any game like fallout 3 or Mass Effect, you will know what I’m talking about. I will actually mention more on this later, let’s just skip ahead for now.

After you’ve created your character you will enter a Tutorial world, were you get to try the game out, I advise you to stay here for a bit and learn the controls and how the game works. Training on your aiming and movement, because it will decide if you live or die in missions once you enter the proper game.

The world is filled with different characters that are bound to the game, these are located in different hubs where you can get ammo, your personal car, check your email and buy new weapons and gear. By pledging to one of these characters you will be able to level up your connection with that person. The more missions you complete while pledged, the character will send you emails, get you new equipment and finally: prefer you to new characters in the world. This is how you unlock your way to harder missions and more of everything APB!

The game is essentially made with a mix of RPG and 3d person action games. If you’ve played a lot of GTA you will quickly recognize yourself in the play style and handling of your character. You run around in a sandbox world with other players from both sides of the spectrum of good and evil. There are also plenty of different cars and civilians in the world which makes this feel even more like GTA (in a good way).

When you feel ready, you can easily start looking for missions, in a group of buddies or alone. Missions are found by simply clicking “ready”, after a few seconds a random mission will start fitting to your level. You will be informed where you need to go and what to do, and at the same time, a team or player from the opposing side will get a mission to stop you. There are several different missions and they will change somewhat depending on how long you’ve come with the different characters in the game.

The system can be somewhat awkward at first, you will be confused and shot down often in the first few attempts at these missions. The longer you stick with it the more fun you will have, you will learn how the fighting takes place, how to shoot and where to hide with the biggest chance of winning a firefight. The biggest problem I have with the system is how they pair you with enemy teams and other players. At times you will be playing against people that have a huge level and equipment advantage. The good thing is that it doesn’t mean you’re going to lose automatically, it just means that you will need to try a lot harder to win.

This game is HUUUUUUUUUUGE on customization! You can change the color and design of your clothes, fill your skin with tattoos and scars, make a personal design for your car and even a personal music theme that plays every time you kill someone or win a mission. APB Reloaded love to show this off and it even allows you to sell your designed items on a market for in game money.

The customizing of your character and clothes and cars even got its’ own world within the game. The social area, which is made just for you show of your creations, sell them and create new ones. If you’re a design freak, this will open a whole new experience for you when it comes to character customization.

I’m not really going to go far in to this, the controls are what they are for this kind of game. You can sprint, sit, stand, reload, use grenades and items and the more hotkeys and short commands you learn the better. The controls works fine for what it is and I really can’t see how it could have been done better than it is now. The only real problems with the controls are the fact that you get a lot of delay at the times when the servers are a bit busy. But it works.

The graphics are also great… to look at that is. The problem right now is the few graphic bugs that can occur, like invisible walls that all of a sudden turn in to a building. You will quickly learn where this happens and how to work around it, but it’s still something that needs to be fixed.

If you want a good story and missions that take you further in some kind of singe player mode, this is not a game for you. If you like a good action MMO with a lot of customization and a fun experience with other players this is it. You need to remember that this game is still in a beta version of it new self. There are some graphic issues and lag when the servers start to fill up. The game is FUN and that’s the most important thing when it comes to a game that I just got for free. If I have fun with it, the small errors and bugs can stay. Of course they’re working hard to remove them in the future.
The feel of cooperating with your friends on missions and roaming in a modern town world is great. The lag is still the biggest issue for me, a tip is to roam the world a bit before starting up missions so that it can load up properly. The lag shouldn’t be to much of a problem after that.
I will recommend everyone to try this game, it’s free to try and download and if you end up not liking it, just uninstall it.

+ Customizing
+ Fun co-op like game play
+ GTA like world

– Lag
– More vehicles please


BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Review (xbox 360)

If you don’t understand it by now, I love this game. BlazBlue is what I always wanted in a fighting game. It got a great and vast story, good character design (visually and unique when it comes to abilities and basic attack), 2D and well pretty much everything.
I was one to miss out on what guilty gear was, mostly cause I was never really in to Beat Em’ Up games back in the day and once I tried it, BlazBlue was also there and caught my eye and attention a lot more. My love for BlazBlue started when me and a couple of friends had an all out gaming night, of course a lot of Vs. was being played and this was one of them. I’ve never been great at these kinds of games but seeing the colorful design work and the fact that it’s 2D really dragged me in. At the time the game hadn’t been released in Europe yet and as soon as I found it was coming, I pre-ordered.

Okay enough of my short but very (not so) interesting story, and let’s get to the game itself.

What really drags me in to the BlazBlue universe is how they created a great story and a story mode to play it out. Every character got a storyline that adds up to a great big picture that will be revealed piece by piece. You can even decide to go different paths throughout the story and it will change the outcome of it, and every character got one “real” ending that you’re supposed to find. Finding every possible path and dialog in the story will also reward you in the end.

It doesn’t end there though, every character have about 110 different dialog pieces each, that is used within battles, this is huge, and it changes depending on who they fight, so it’s always interesting to see what they will say, and it’s most often connected to the story and the characters relation within it.

For people that enjoy the more classis type of game play (arcade) where you battle your way through different opponents, that’s always available, and even here you will be given short story related talks between characters. They are not as detailed and deep, but it will give you a basic understanding of the story (if you play it through with all characters).

Why I decided to talk so much about the story and depth around it, is because it is something that is lacking in so many other games like it. When I play this game I don’t understand why other game creators don’t work as much on the story and character design around it, it’s something that should be done more often, cause it’s not only more of the game, but it’s also very rewarding for players that sit down with a beat em up just to play it for fun. I can honestly say I’ve never spent as much time in front of a fighting game that I have with BlazBlue.

When it comes to the fighting, I’m honestly going to admit that I’m not the best fitting person to review it. I’m not very skilled (working on it though), and I can only tell you how it is from a more casual view, which isn’t bad in itself I guess.

The characters all have different play styles, and as a new player you will quickly realize which of them needs a bit more combo work and which of them which simply needs button mashing (Noel being a great example). Even the characters that are considered beginner heroes have a lot of combos and abilities that can be worked with for more experienced players.

It’s a real joy to learn about each character in the game and trying to master them is not only rewarding but fun! For more on the battle system, I’m going to give IGN some credit for a quick and easy review on it:

The network mode that’s put into this game is great. The ranked matchmaking sadly won’t match you against players your own level (not what I’ve noticed anyway), but you can easily host game rooms where up to six people can join in the fun. The room can have several different settings such as number or rounds, round time, rotation set up etc. The way it works is that two players fight each other while the whole room can still chat with each other discussing the action. After the current battle new players will be picked to battle depending on the room set up.
You as a player can also level up, by winning games and completing different requirements like not being damaged and such.

+ Great Story
+ Character Design
+ Much to find and unlock
+ 2D

– Few playable characters
– 2D

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PSP: Shadow Of Destiny

So who exactly noticed that this game was out for the PSP? When and how did this happen, and why wasn’t I informed? No I’m not mad, at least not about finding out. What makes me angry at the moment is that another great game has been released for the PSP, the first one was Star Ocean: The Second Story, both of which I love.

Shadow Of Destiny was released on PS2 back in the day, it never really got the love it deserved then, and I doubt it will as a handheld version either. I feel like I should spread the word and hopefully some people will see this and find the game as fun/interesting and wonderful as I once did. The game has a great storyline, and several different endings, you will need at least two of them to understand the whole plot, depending on what ending you get of course.

Instead of me explaining the more obvious parts of the game, look at this trailer and enjoy the …. trailer?

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Assassins Creed 3?

Is there a possibility? Ubisoft just put a new video on their YouTube channel with the title: “Mysterious Video of Abstergo offices”. There is nothing in the information or in the video that tells us who we are seeing in the vid or what we are supposed to do. An intresting comment on the video mentioned that we might play as Subject 16, which is indeed one of the possibilites here. The graphics are also different from before, maybe this is a game for a handheld? Doesnt seem like it, but it sure is intresting to see where they are taking this.

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Command & Conquer 4 – Review

I’ve been a huge fan of C&C all since it was first released. My preferable story was the one surrounding the Tiberian universe, it was sci-fi filled, interesting and gave us the evil leader Kane. The conflict between GDI and NOD was something that always pushed me forward and wanting to see who gets the upper hand, lately I’ve followed the games mostly for the story, and C&C 4 is supposed to be the conclusion of that story.

Though this is the end, it’s also complete new. There is no base building and the unit cap is very low, at a max you can have 20 units out at the same time. Yet the game has moved away from base building and squads, and now gives you a single walker/building, a crawler, this is your base, construction yard, and at the same time a unit that can aid units around it. Together with this you also have abilities and upgrades for your units overall.

I’ve haven’t been playing multiplayer that much so this review will be mostly around the single player of the game. The storytelling is what it’s always been, using actors between missions to tell you the story that unfolds. Some of them are worse, some of them are better, but it really feels like C&C, so this is just more of the old goodies. Sadly for a game conclusion is a bit short, only 7 missions for each campaign.

Instead of having the option so pick your side right away, you’re given the option after the third tutorial mission that lets you use all the different crawlers, there are three different classes. There is offense, defense and support, all of them giving you the type of game play that it sounds like. A class may work better or worse at certain missions and so on. You also earn XP for both sides, GDI and NOD, this unlocks new units and abilities and lets you use them in both single player and multiplayer.

The campaign can also be played in Co-Op so that you and a buddy can earn XP together or just enjoy the campaign. A sweet edition, but as it is, you also need a constant online connection to be able to play (yes the single player).

The units follow the good old paper-scissor-rock type of game play, a good mix is always best to complete a mission. For some people, me included, it feels as though there is almost too many different units, there are three classes and having a good set up for each would have been enough for me. Of course this gives for more option and such so I guess it’s good, but it will take you a while to see what works and what not. One reason I feel that there should been a bit less units, is because of the online play. As most games with only one building to build from, team play always works best, more players give for more strategies and cooperation. With fewer units with each class, every player could have a more specific role to the bigger games. Anyway. Moving on.

The graphics are alright, if you zoom in too much you may feel it’s a bit pixely but in full view it looks great, combined with all the explosions and different types of units and weapon fire. It won’t stun you, but it will do what’s needed of a RTS game.

The controls are pretty standard; you can even choose to use classic C&C controls, why I’m not sure since it only changes the mouse click button. So nothing big and surprising here, you can still use all the hotkeys in the game and a reference sheet comes with the game for all of you that wants to learn them completely. But even if you learn to use them it doesn’t mean that your units will do as you wish, I’ve noticed several path findings bugs in the game. If you select all your units across the screen and tell them to go somewhere, sometimes they simply stop, or don’t try, it seems as though they just don’t know how to get there, if you maneuver them forward a bit, than they will be able to go to the location. A bit annoying when you’re doing an important push, but nothing that will lose you the game per say.

So the game gives you a story conclusion, not the best story ever in a C&C game but acceptable, the controls are okay but with some bugs that needs fixing it’s not at its max yet. The multiplayer is interesting, with a focus around team play, it’s quite interesting, and feels fresh. For an old school C&C fan this may not be for you, but for people that enjoys RTS games overall this will be accepted in to your game collection

+ A new style of C&C
+ Teamwork
+ Kane

– A new style of C&C
– A few irritating bugs
– Very ,very short.

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Final Fantasy XIII – Review

Welcome to Final Fantasy XIII, the game that has been out for a short while now, and most people that have wanted to play through it, already done so, and the rest still struggles with the first part of the game and it’s very straightforward story.

Final Fantasy XIII, brings us to the modern age consoles, PS3 and Xbox360, this really shows when you start the game for the first time. The graphics of the game are stunning, you will literally drop your jaw in awe for some of the great cut scenes and in game graphics. The character design is stunning and they all have their own little perks and wit about them, shortly followed by the buildings and vehicles, and plants, and animals. The real question is if this will carry the game through it, or if it’s also filled with great story telling, battle systems and controls. Let’s take a look…


The battle system in the game is still nothing like the older Final Fantasy games, it’s now more of a classic RPG battle system, mixed with some of elements from Real Time ones. You’re character have a Time Bar (as I like to call it), that fills up and lets you use different actions, the bar empties for every action you do and you will have to wait for it to load up again, between this you can also use items and some abilities that let you see monsters weaknesses and such.

Every character that joins with you also has different classes, Command, Ravager and Medic and so on. In the battle you can switch your teams set up or Paradigms, so that you can get the most of them in different situation. Maybe you want to heal up and switch to a paradigm that has more medics and so on. To call the system Real Time is an overstatement, I would really prefer a more classis style of battle. But why isn’t this used? Well I think I know the answer.


This is the answer to the more “action” like battle play. For if it wasen’t for more movement and sparkling things in the battles, the game would have been at an incredibly slow pace. The game really starts of extremely linear, you have no options when it comes to left or right, it’s only the straight road ahead. This really becomes the weakness of the game. Dungeon crawling in dungeons without any puzzles or options makes for a less than interesting game. At moments I even prefer to get a long cut scene than walking straightforward to see the next one.

The story in the game is great, and you feel very connected with the characters and what’s happening to them. They’re lovable and mixed with some great voice work.


Gameplay is always something that’s very important with a game, a game like final fantasy and other RPG’s often lack any advance controls, since most of things you do is walking around and clicking your way forward in menus and interactions. Final Fantasy XIII isn’t any different, except when it comes to combat. There are indeed some actions you can do in there to change the way battle works out, and it works well, I’ve never had a problem with it and it flows on great. Even if I’m not a big fan of it, it does what it supposed to do, keep you straying forward to more advanced battles. And it’s really in the later parts of the game (past the first half of it) when the battles feels more fun to play, other than just clicking the auto attack button (really all you need for the first half).

To buy items in the game you use save points to get on to online stores and buy what you need, it works, but I still miss the whole thing of walking around a town and going to different stores and such. The save point is something that should also be talked about, they are everywhere, after every ten steps or cut scene there will be a save point. There are even some points of the game were you defeat a boss, saves, walk a bit to a short cut scene, save, long cut scene, save again. It’s silly at times.


The game is great when it comes to graphics, storytelling and overall feel, the game is great, and it really carries this game a long way. But the fact that you sometimes just long for the next cut scene and it’s basically a very straight game, it lowers the game a lot. It’s sad to see but with some towns or places to visit in between “dungeons” this game could have gone further; even it if only would have added a small portion of freedom.

+ Great graphics and overall design
+ Great storytelling
+ A game you will finish because of the mix of all game components

– Linear
– Awkward moments between cut scenes
– “Do you wish to save?”

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Resident Evil 5 Desperate Escape – Review

This is the second of the new mini games for Resident Evil 5. This time the two playable characters are Jill and Josh, if you’re a RE5 player you will understand that this mini game plays out during the main story from RE5. Just like the main game and Lost In Nightmares, Desperate Escape should be played with a friend, this way you will really enjoy the game and what it gives you, trying to figure out how to make it through the levels with the highest chance of Survival.

This time Jill and Josh are trying to make their way to help Chris and Sheva, and the way there is packed with enemies, gates and “mini bosses”. The puzzles are more violent compared to Lost In Nightmares, you’re constantly being attacked while trying to make your way forward, finding keys and doors to get you to the next area. It’s one long adrenaline rush that won’t let you rest until it’s done. The game won’t frighten you or make you twist around when something jumps in front of you, but it will keep you glued to the screen.

The stress will come back when you notice that the ammo can sometimes run low if you try to defeat several of the enemies. I recommend playing at a higher difficulty level to really get the most out of Desperate Escape (same for Lost In Nightmares), the challenge is still not a long one, but it will keep you entertained, and there is a replay value to try and all the achievements (if you’re like “that”).

There isn’t much of a story in the game but I don’t want to give out the ending for those looking for that in the games. If you don’t want to know the end bit, simply stop reading now, and go on to the “Welcome back” part.

THE END – great welcome! The best part of Desperate Escape is the ending bit, where you and you’re friend or AI buddy will play a horde like mode. A timer will start and you have to survive for 5 minutes, the area have some ammo and healing items ready, but after that, it’s all about what the monsters drop for you. This one area could have been a optional game of its own within Desperate Escape, it’s really enjoyable.

WELCOME BACK – so welcome back. Lets round it up, length wise, it’s pretty short of a game, but it will keep you entertained through the whole thing, it’s fast and action filled, the only place where it’s lacking is the story which sadly is pretty much nonexistent. I still recommend it for all the Resident Evil fans that want more.

+ Action filled & fun
+ Barry & Rebecca in mercenaries
+ The ending

– Still short for a DLC
– Lack of story

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Dawn Of War 2 Chaos Rising – Review

Finally we get the expansion for this great strategy game! It seems as though they picked a rough month to release it though, together with Final Fantasy XIII, Command & Conquer 4 and several other good titles. Never the less I’ve completed the game one and half times and played a little multiplayer and feel ready to review the strategy beast. Be aware that this review is for single player only!

Let’s start with what’s been added, that we really don’t have to discuss that much, the lvl cap of your units is now 30, and several new items and types of items have been added. Compared to before when selling items would only give you XP, it now also give you better stats and new weapons and such to use, a sweet little addition to make the item handling more important. Some of the new items include different kind of ammunition, psychic power for the new added Librarian and of course more of the good old weapons, armor and equipment.

Another new feature is “Corruption”, in the main story of the game you will fight the ultimate Warhammer 40k antagonist: the Chaos Space Marines. These are marines possessed by evil, and they fight alongside daemons and heretics. In the campaign you will have the option to different actions that will either remove corruption or add corruption. At a first glance there seems to be nothing but a positive thing to be possessed, you get to use great equipment, new universal abilities during missions (example: reviving all units with full strength). There are also items that will give or remove corruption if you send your units to mission equipped with them.

So what does it change other than giving your units awesome abilities? This will be for you to find out yourselves. It’s not mind-blowing, but why spoil the game?

Then we have the new added unit, or hero if you so wish; The Librarian. For all players enjoying abilities and using boosts and special attack to get through the levels, this will be very fun for you. The Librarian uses different equipment to give him different powers, and even his weapons and armor do the same thing, reminding a lot of what a Final Stand hero would be like. Not even the Commander or “yourself” have the same kind of options, which is a bit sad in my opinion. Being able to switch your character with the Librarian would have been sweet, of course he would need somewhat of a boost to be a standalone hero.

The story was much better than I expected it to be. With more comments from your fellow soldiers in-between missions and even comments during the briefing, make it feel less straight (even though it is). You can also ask questions before the missions’ starts, sadly there are no multiple options so it doesn’t add much more than some interaction.

The units and missions still work the same way they did before, and even though the missions have become much better when it comes to story and difference between them, there seems to be several bugs in the unit handling. They don’t react properly to the enemy at times, and will not follow orders correctly. Depending on the stance you give them (Close combat or range combat), they can turn from killing machines to scarecrows. If too far away and in close combat stance, they won’t even move towards the enemy, if to close and in the range combat stance, they will sometimes try to runaway to create a distance so they can shoot. Another thing that I’ve noticed is the sound of the game, it really twitchy in the voice work, some lines seems a lot louder than others and it will make you tweak the sound a few times. This is only between missions though, in the actual missions its not really clear or at least not as annoying.

With the bugs aside, the missions are still solid and with several new ideas like a tank mission it feels fresh. Several of the bosses are better designed when it comes to what’s going on. Yet my biggest complaint is the few bosses that reminds us to much of the stock bosses in the first game, you basically just have to wait them out, removing the self healing ability from the bosses with more health could have been a good idea.

I should really talk about the new additions to the multiplayer and the new two Final Stand heroes, but I feel I will have to cover them in another review or article all together.

+ A great new campaign
+ A new race for multiplayer and two new heroes for Last Stand
+ New features and unit in the single player

– Control and sound bugs really bring some of the moments down
– A bit short, but not surprising for an RTS expansion

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Bad Company 2 – Review (Xbox 360)

Bad Company 2, a battlefield game, a battlefield you will never forget! Let us start off with the single player and move on the multiplayer later on in the review.

Bad Company 2 throws you in to the battle heads on, but a few things have changed since the last time we joined the soldiers of Bad Company. The graphics have been worked on a bit, but the engine is the same and even though the bigger picture of everything feels a lot more epic and eye-catching, the smaller details still feel the same. This doesn’t mean that graphics aren’t better and very very good, it’s just that it won’t be a big surprise to Bad Company 1 players.

The sound is also something that’s very important in Battlefield games, and they are still great. Every gun fired, and every explosion adds to this giant web of sound. It really gives you the feeling of a battlefield, and makes it feel huge. Some may believe that this make it a big blur of sound, but with a system that makes the sounds are closest to you get priority over the rest, this is never an issue. To really show you how much they care about the sound, there are several different sound settings, TV, Hi-Fi, surround, headphones, War Room. The last making the game sound more “realistic”, the dialog isn’t as easy to hear but the gun sounds a lot more crisp, I recommend this to anyone that loves the sound of a war game.

Let’s talk about the game play, the controls have changed a little tiny bit, and this is mostly in the vehicle apartment, and quicker turning around as well. You can change the setting to Bad Company 1 controls, if you feel better using them. The maps in the single player aren’t as huge anymore; they are tightened down to give you more action and less running around. This works really well! You never feel lost and every area is now a danger zone and it feels tight, the dialogs follows the style of the first game, and makes you smile while doing headshots on your enemies and blowing walls away. The buildings are still destructible and every wall is just a grenade away from giving you a new path, a strategy that works all too well.

There are several “new” weapons in the game, new being that they have different sites (red-dot and such), and as soon as you find them in the game, you can always pick them up again from weapon boxes that are positioned along the way in the game. A great idea, that always let you change strategy and weapon loud out for different parts of the game.

Where this game really shines is in the multiplayer, the mix of vehicles and tighter areas were you only can get on by foot really adds up to some great map work. The mix of teamwork that’s needed to use vehicles and fight against them gives battles a more important feel to them. Killing a attack helicopter is really satisfactory, and helps the team a lot. You only get a max of 12 vs 12 players in a game, it still feels so much bigger than most FPS games out there right now. The system is enhanced with more weapons and new and different vehicles. The four new classes have their own level up just as you as a player also does. This means that the more you play one of the four classes, the more items and weapons you unlock for that class, a really sweet addition to the normal XP system in most games.

All in all Bad Company 2, gives you more of what we all loved with the first game, small fixes of the controls, new weapons and vehicles and a great multiplayer. It’s really worth a buy, if you enjoy FPS games on console, this is one you should get when you get the chance.

+ Great and long lasting multiplayer
+ Tighter and faster single player
+ Great detail in sound/ game play

– A bit short
– Wont feel that new to an everyday player

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Resident Evil 5 – Lost in Nightmares

What can I say…

Lost in Nightmares in a new DLC for Resident Evil 5, it’s the first part of two episodes, the second one coming later this year. Let’s just start off with what you get for your money with Lost In Nightmares.

An extra episode for the game.
Another Mercenary mode called Mercenary Reunion.
Extra figurines.

I probably forgot about something now but this is what you will see straight up and look at when you get it. Let’s start off with the main game part you get, It’s somewhat of a flashback playing Lost In Nightmares. You play as Chris and Jill and you will notice as soon as you get in to it, that this is one Spencer Mansion remake, the first half of the game reminding you of all the horrors that the first game had.

For true fans of the series, this is welcome; you will walk around nervously in your first play thru in fear of what they may have added to this house. I like that the game brings up this feeling, in a much better way than the whole fifth game did, you actually get stressed out and feel the fear crawling up your skin. Very well done.

I can’t really tell much more then this for one reason, which will lower the score of this DLC greatly. The length of the episode, with a friend you will be able to beat this in between 20 and 40 minutes. This is without reading documents that are placed around the episode, with that added you have about an hour maybe more of play time. That’s still not a lot. It feels as if they could have released both episode at the same time and that would have given you sufficient single player action. Right now, it’s disappointing. I’m not saying the game itself is bad, and you will enjoy playing it a couple of times, even if only to get the new achievements.

Graphics are good as always, and sweet old school touch have been added were you get a short animation when walking through doors in the first part of the game. This is very sweet for the fans that have stayed with the series. For players that only played Resident Evil 5 and even maybe RE4, will get lost in many of the old game references, but it’s been like this for quite some time in the series. Always going back to what happened in the older games.

The new Mercenary mode isn’t really “new”, I haven’t unlocked all the maps yet, but for what it looks like, it seems as though it’s the same maps in the first Mercenaries. The characters are new and this will give you a lot of play time that the episode didn’t give you. If you enjoyed trying to beat mercenaries for the characters the first time, this won’t let you down, new equipment builds and clothes may sound like nothing, but it will make you hunt for those last few points.

+ More Resident Evil
+ The horror is back
+ Mercenaries Reunion

– Way too short
– Should have been one single DLC for the whole two parts

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