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New Tomb Radier Trailer + Comment

How can we not love you now Lara Croft? They have taken us back in time to see the start of a marvelous traveler. I must say they’ve also made one of the best trailers I’ve ever seen. To show of what they’ve created, the thoughts of a new Lara and the world she will be thrown in to. Tomb Raider will finally be redefined and reworked, the game really needed it. I loved the first few games, but lately it’s been a bit too much of the good stuff. To see a new setting, a new feel and a new main character is lovely. Thank you!


Alice: Madness Returns – Thoughts on Madness

How can you not love it! I’ve always been a huge fan of the subject madness and insanity, when it comes to games or any kind of entertainment like books or movies. Not only because of the weird things that can happen or take place, but also because of how they portrait the human mind. The latest call of duty even touched on the subject of brainwashing and how this showed up to the main character as visions and planted memories.

Silent Hill 2 is also game that intrigues me. “Everything” in that world was based on the main character James, memories, thoughts, feelings and even his own subconscious. It’s one of the games that I still return to forums from time to time to see what kinds of discussions are going on, or just read up on old ones. How the nuns is about his sexuality, pyramidhead being a creature he summons upon himself to punish him for what he done. IT IS AWESOME.

Alice: Madness Returns seems to have a lot of these hidden meanings as well, or at the very least I hope so. I hope they will let the community find small bits and pieces in the game that explains Alice and her state of mind without revealing it all in the story. It may be that, or it will just be a insane world where Alice uses her knife (and other weapons) to pass through obstacles. Either will be fine, in a way, I guess..

So why did I post all this? Becuase I’ve just seen the latest trailer ofcourse! Enjoy!

Killzone 3 in the works

IGN posted yesterday with a quote from CEO of SCEA, Jack Tretton, if there would be a third game in the Killzone series. The answear beeing this:

“Well, we own Guerrilla Games and they did a great job on Killzone 1 and 2,” he said. “I don’t know if you’ll see announcements about it, but I can promise you a Killzone 3.”

To read it all go to:

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Lord of the Rings: War in the North

Some games just tend to sneak up on you over night, all of a sudden there is a trailer, a rumor, a release date, and you didn’t even notice when the company started working on the title in the first place. Lord of The Rings: War in the north, is that kind of title. All of a sudden I sat with a trailer in front of me and was unsure if this was going to be the new LOTR: Conquest, or Real Time Strategy game, what was going on here?

I bet some of you didn’t know about this either so here goes, after some digging:

“Electronic Arts released The Lord of the Rings: Conquest in January and as it turns out, it was their last crack at the franchise. Their rights to produce Lord of the Rings video games have expired.”

“The Saul Zaentz Company owns the worldwide exclusive rights to The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. They have a standing agreement with Warner Bros. over the video game rights so Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is probably going to be the publisher on whatever this game is.”

“Warner Bros. has just announced Lord of the Rings: War in the North, an action RPG due on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2011.

Developed in association with Middle-earth Enterprises, War in the North is said to explore both original and familiar narrative elements based on both the literary and motion picture content from The Lord of the Rings.”

It seems as though I’ve missed out on a game. Maybe it’s my lack of interest when it comes to the LOTR games in general, who knows. Will be interesting to see where this leads to at least, sadly it’s not a new RTS. It’s gonna be created by Snowblind Studios (Baldurs gate), and the game will stay true to moments and stories from the books, interesting.

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Final Fantasy XIII – Review

Welcome to Final Fantasy XIII, the game that has been out for a short while now, and most people that have wanted to play through it, already done so, and the rest still struggles with the first part of the game and it’s very straightforward story.

Final Fantasy XIII, brings us to the modern age consoles, PS3 and Xbox360, this really shows when you start the game for the first time. The graphics of the game are stunning, you will literally drop your jaw in awe for some of the great cut scenes and in game graphics. The character design is stunning and they all have their own little perks and wit about them, shortly followed by the buildings and vehicles, and plants, and animals. The real question is if this will carry the game through it, or if it’s also filled with great story telling, battle systems and controls. Let’s take a look…


The battle system in the game is still nothing like the older Final Fantasy games, it’s now more of a classic RPG battle system, mixed with some of elements from Real Time ones. You’re character have a Time Bar (as I like to call it), that fills up and lets you use different actions, the bar empties for every action you do and you will have to wait for it to load up again, between this you can also use items and some abilities that let you see monsters weaknesses and such.

Every character that joins with you also has different classes, Command, Ravager and Medic and so on. In the battle you can switch your teams set up or Paradigms, so that you can get the most of them in different situation. Maybe you want to heal up and switch to a paradigm that has more medics and so on. To call the system Real Time is an overstatement, I would really prefer a more classis style of battle. But why isn’t this used? Well I think I know the answer.


This is the answer to the more “action” like battle play. For if it wasen’t for more movement and sparkling things in the battles, the game would have been at an incredibly slow pace. The game really starts of extremely linear, you have no options when it comes to left or right, it’s only the straight road ahead. This really becomes the weakness of the game. Dungeon crawling in dungeons without any puzzles or options makes for a less than interesting game. At moments I even prefer to get a long cut scene than walking straightforward to see the next one.

The story in the game is great, and you feel very connected with the characters and what’s happening to them. They’re lovable and mixed with some great voice work.


Gameplay is always something that’s very important with a game, a game like final fantasy and other RPG’s often lack any advance controls, since most of things you do is walking around and clicking your way forward in menus and interactions. Final Fantasy XIII isn’t any different, except when it comes to combat. There are indeed some actions you can do in there to change the way battle works out, and it works well, I’ve never had a problem with it and it flows on great. Even if I’m not a big fan of it, it does what it supposed to do, keep you straying forward to more advanced battles. And it’s really in the later parts of the game (past the first half of it) when the battles feels more fun to play, other than just clicking the auto attack button (really all you need for the first half).

To buy items in the game you use save points to get on to online stores and buy what you need, it works, but I still miss the whole thing of walking around a town and going to different stores and such. The save point is something that should also be talked about, they are everywhere, after every ten steps or cut scene there will be a save point. There are even some points of the game were you defeat a boss, saves, walk a bit to a short cut scene, save, long cut scene, save again. It’s silly at times.


The game is great when it comes to graphics, storytelling and overall feel, the game is great, and it really carries this game a long way. But the fact that you sometimes just long for the next cut scene and it’s basically a very straight game, it lowers the game a lot. It’s sad to see but with some towns or places to visit in between “dungeons” this game could have gone further; even it if only would have added a small portion of freedom.

+ Great graphics and overall design
+ Great storytelling
+ A game you will finish because of the mix of all game components

– Linear
– Awkward moments between cut scenes
– “Do you wish to save?”

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Vanquish Trailer

From the creator Shinji Mikami that also created the Resident Evil series, comes a new game action packed game. Atleast that’s what we’ve been told, a near future conflict between USA and Russia and robots, and weapons and action and… let the trailer sell you the game hm?

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Resident Evil 5 – Lost in Nightmares

What can I say…

Lost in Nightmares in a new DLC for Resident Evil 5, it’s the first part of two episodes, the second one coming later this year. Let’s just start off with what you get for your money with Lost In Nightmares.

An extra episode for the game.
Another Mercenary mode called Mercenary Reunion.
Extra figurines.

I probably forgot about something now but this is what you will see straight up and look at when you get it. Let’s start off with the main game part you get, It’s somewhat of a flashback playing Lost In Nightmares. You play as Chris and Jill and you will notice as soon as you get in to it, that this is one Spencer Mansion remake, the first half of the game reminding you of all the horrors that the first game had.

For true fans of the series, this is welcome; you will walk around nervously in your first play thru in fear of what they may have added to this house. I like that the game brings up this feeling, in a much better way than the whole fifth game did, you actually get stressed out and feel the fear crawling up your skin. Very well done.

I can’t really tell much more then this for one reason, which will lower the score of this DLC greatly. The length of the episode, with a friend you will be able to beat this in between 20 and 40 minutes. This is without reading documents that are placed around the episode, with that added you have about an hour maybe more of play time. That’s still not a lot. It feels as if they could have released both episode at the same time and that would have given you sufficient single player action. Right now, it’s disappointing. I’m not saying the game itself is bad, and you will enjoy playing it a couple of times, even if only to get the new achievements.

Graphics are good as always, and sweet old school touch have been added were you get a short animation when walking through doors in the first part of the game. This is very sweet for the fans that have stayed with the series. For players that only played Resident Evil 5 and even maybe RE4, will get lost in many of the old game references, but it’s been like this for quite some time in the series. Always going back to what happened in the older games.

The new Mercenary mode isn’t really “new”, I haven’t unlocked all the maps yet, but for what it looks like, it seems as though it’s the same maps in the first Mercenaries. The characters are new and this will give you a lot of play time that the episode didn’t give you. If you enjoyed trying to beat mercenaries for the characters the first time, this won’t let you down, new equipment builds and clothes may sound like nothing, but it will make you hunt for those last few points.

+ More Resident Evil
+ The horror is back
+ Mercenaries Reunion

– Way too short
– Should have been one single DLC for the whole two parts

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Top 10 games of 2009!

So the top 10 games of 2009 in my book, and what I’ve played. Can’t speak for the ones I didn’t try sorry. So lets start on the bottom shall we. On spot number 10…

10: Battlefield 1943
The real reason this game is on this list. It’s not only because it’s a sweet multiplayer game, but also with the fact that it was released is an arcade game, or stand alone multiplayer game if you so wish. That fact just blows me away, cause it really feels as a part of something bigger, I am glad that everyone can get to enjoy some battlefield!

9: Guitar Hero Metallica
Metallica is my favorite band. I can now rock out to their music without concert tickets or real instruments. I think that settles it?

8: Fallout 3
What I love about Fallout 3 is that it appealed to so many people. The action gamers enjoyed the action part of the game, the RPG players enjoyed the depth of the interaction in the game. It also brings more stories to the fallout universe, a universe I hope will never die. If you didn’t enjoy this new Fallout game, but still like good RPs’ I suggest you try Fallout 2, the best game in the series. It’s a great game. One of the best games. PLAY IT.

7: Dawn Of War II
Been a bit slow on RTS games lately, and I love RTS games. Star Craft 2 is not in stores yet and I can’t wait for that, so this will have to do. Dawn Of War 2 based on the Warhammer universe. In the distant future there is only war and you will lead the space marines against a horrible enemy. Good game, great multiplayer (lacking in variety but great non the less).

6: Star Ocean: The Last Hope
Sorry, again, I’m a huge fan of the game series and a new game was released, and it was good. So I have to put it on here, I wrote a semi-review on it just awhile ago so look it up.

5: Heroes Of Newerth
Another game I recently wrote about. What can I say, read it and see what I think. It’s a “copy” of DoTA but a much better game in general. Got a code for it, played it, loved it, can’t get enough of it.

4: Braid
Released ages ago but man, is this a great game or what! Imagine Super Mario with time puzzles! Yes that will give you Braid. A wonderful game to play and look at, and if you can stop playing this without completing it, well than I guess you’re not a big game fan.

3: Mirror’s Edge
I’m from Sweden, the game is Swedish, my favorite colors are red, black and white in a mix, this game gives me that, I love solving puzzles and… well this game kind of gives you that in a “hello-lets hurry-up-they-are-shooting-at-you-and-you-need-to-flee-in-cool-and-awesom-action kind of way.

2: Resident Evil 5
Yes. I love zombies, always been fanatic of them, love old zombie movies. Love Romero’s work and I love Resident Evil. The fifth game never really exploded like the fourth game in the series, yet it’s still a great game that adds on to the Resident Evil story line. With the new co-op mode, this game was the best “friend” game out there this year. Many would say that Left 4 Dead 2 would take that away from Resident Evil, but there is a big difference in game play. Resident Evil 5 fits well with teamwork. Incredible game and should not be missed, especially if you have somebody to play with!

1: Modern Warfare 2
Bought it. Level in it. Nuke in it. Shoot in it. Stab in it. Multiplayer is the deal. Single player is okay but with a bit to many “oh no I’m going to die scenes”.

Love it!
Play it if you like FPS games.
You wont regret it!

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Mega Man 10 <3

I’ve hardly completed the 9th game (im in the last bit and I just got annoyed with it at one point). But I still love the little bluedressed boy-robot-thing! Mega Man 10 has been announced for Wii-Ware. Im sure it will be released to 360 and PS3 soon enough aswell tho. So happy moment for all us retro fanatics!

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Kojimas New Metal Gear Solid!

It has just been revelaed, the countdown has ended! There’s been many rumors going around about what this new project would be: Metal Gear Solid for xbox360. A new zone of the enders game. A completle new title?

Well the waiting is over! And after a long wait the following has been revealed:

A new timer at 116 hours first of all. But thats not all. The storm is progressing. Its gotten worse, the effects are now louder and heavier.
But thats no what we’ve been waiting for… this is the thing that we’ve been wanting to see. A REAL UPDATE:

new metal gear copy
(This and a new letter: R).

Let the discussions begin.
And if you want to look for it yourself:

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