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Ubisoft E3 Conference – What I liked

And what about Ubisoft’s E3 conference and how they did, and what I found interesting. It’s kind of interesting how everyone said that Ubisoft was the worst conference so far. I will just say that I don’t agree, they showed a lot of interesting titles and they’ve learned from the past. It was fun, games that deserved time got it, times that needed less time had less time and so on. The only real complaint being that the Rayman demo took a bit to long, but it was fun to watch and so it’s fine.

There was a lot of interesting things here so let’s just take a quick look on each game here shall we? If needed, I will just make a separate post later if it’s interesting enough. So here we go:

Not a huge title and not something I’m going to discuss further then: it looked fun and sometimes you need a fun side scroller.

I’m not a huge fan of the earlier Farcry games, but the feeling from the whole idea of “insanity” made me interested in it. The look of it is okay, not nearly as good as other first person games that have been shown so far. I bet all of you out there that enjoyed the other Farcry games will be looking forward to this.

Thank you Ubisoft! Finally! God I’m so thrilled about this game now. I’ve always been a huge sucker for co-op, not multiplayer craziness but co-op, where you and your friends fight through missions with all the skills and laughs you can muster. They just showed us a good looking FPS game with a 4-player enabled co-op. If I find 2-3 other guys to play this with, I will be playing this shortly after release!

Guess what, they’re releasing a online FPS game. Guess what? It will be free. Guess what? I’m guessing it will be fun!

I’m going to let the trailer talk for itself here. I will probably make a post about this game later on anyway. ^^ (Also: LOVE THE SONG!)


E3 – Microsoft Conference – The things I liked

Hello everyone and welcome back to the old me that actually watch E3 news and blog about it! Just watched the whole Microsoft Conference live, and that means XBOX 360 and Kinect. Following is the list of things that gets the thumb up from me.

1. Tomb Raider
I just love the look of this. Me and my brother was watching it and we bought nodded to his comment: This feels like Resident Evil 4 did when it came out at first. He hit the nail on the head, it really does feel like a new beginning for Tomb Raider, and in a great way! The in game presentation we just saw started with Lara being captured and trapped in a cave. Plenty of action, new look and feel and a style that will redefine how see Tomb Raider. I love you new Lara, if the game is as good as your new style, this will be a huge hit.

2. Minecraft On xbox 360!
It’s true! Notch you little bugger! Getting deals with huge companies like Microsoft without telling us before hand. You sneaky man. I love Minecraft, don’t play it much but I love it, and the fact that this will make the game even bigger. I don’t mind it, don’t mind it at all. As it is now, Minecraft on console will be exclusive for Xbox 360. Oh and also, you will be able to control the game with kinect… don’t know why that would matter…

3. Modern Warfare 3
I love the game series so I have to mention it, but really, honestly? It was one of the less exciting Call Of Duty game presentations. Still want the game though.

Let us continue with the less interesting moments and parts…

Have you heard of it before? You know what it is? Didn’t think so. Go go games about Rome!

2. Kinect
So much Kinect!? It feelt like any movie trailer right now ending with the words NOW IN 3D! Either they’re having problem selling the damn thing or they are just very happy about having it. Don’t know what it is. But most games showed was about the whole Kinect business. Don’t care for it.

3. Halo 4
This is the start of a trilogy apparently that will keep the Halo series going. I’m sorry, great looking trailer. But… I’m just not interested

20 Reasons not to buy a 3DS

Just read on, the 20 reasons to why the Japanese wont buy a 3DS. Let’s go through the list shall we, follwed by some thoughts.

1. Price is high/waiting for a price drop
Well this is a big hurdidur for any new handheld. The prices are crazy, you may as well invest in new computer parts or a console.

2. Satisfied by DS/DSi
Meh, I like a lot of upcoming 3Ds titles, and I want them! Sadly the point number ones still makes this a no sale for me…

3. Worried about eye strain
If I was worried about eye strain, I wouldn’t play as much as I do. 😀

4. Worried about getting sick from the screen
You may as well look at the answer for point three.

5. Few launch titles
Agreed, but there seems to a lot of cool titles coming up like Resident Evil titles, Blazblue, Zelda titles and so on.

6. Will buy once a game I want is released
And once they release 3DS 2.0.

7. Satisfied by cell phone and smartphone game
8. Satisfied by PSP

Don’t have any of the above but hell I would love to have it all really…

9. The battery is weak
3DS 2.0

10. It’s heavy and I don’t feel like carrying it with me
3DS 2.0

11. Can’t play Game Boy Advance games
12. The colour I want isn’t available
13. Can’t play Game Boy games

You serious? If you have game boy/advance games, I bet you have something to play them on already.

14. I’ll save my money for NGP, thank you very much
15. Waiting for a version with a larger screen
16. Because you can’t move your DSi Points over
17. The buttons layout looks hard to use
18. No Famicom/NES in the Virtual Console
19. The zoom view for DS games is hard on the eyes
20. Waiting until my friend buys it

Im just gonna end up saying 3DS 2.0 on these to sum it up. That’s really what I’m waiting for, a 3DS that fixes the current issues they are having, cause I KNOW FOR SURE that they will do what they always do. Release 2 or 3 versions before they are happy with the thing. It’s too bad that they just can’t release a handheld that they feel is finished to begin with, or at least give it some proper fan testing or something so they know about them before hand… oh well.

3DS 2.0 where are you!? And… how long before your price drop below that of a PS3? Or PSP? …


Chaos Rising multiplayer is beeing balanced

On friday Relic posted a message on their community about balancing the multiplayer in Dawn Of War 2 after the release of Chaos Rising. The community spoke up clearly about what was overpowered and just silly for the multiplayer game play. Relic answered quickly by showing the following list of fixes in the 2.2 Patch soon to come.

Hey guys,

I am really happy to see that, for the most part, the balance of Chaos Rising has been well received. We understand there are a few things sticking out that are ruining the fun for some players so we set out to address those right after Chaos Rising went live.

I’d like to share with you a preview of the 2.2 balance patch notes for CR. Please remember that these are on-going, being tested and may not represent the final patch. I, however, can say that they are fairly comprehensive of the issues we want to address in 2.2. Also please note that other changes unrelated to balance will not be represented in this list.

2.2 Balance Patch Notes (WIP)


– – Inferno Bolters damage has been reduced from 39 to 35

– – Chaos Predator max speed increased to 5.7 from 5.2

– – Chaos Lord has had his armour type changed from Heavy Infantry to Commander

– – Removed melee resistance from the Bloodcrusher

– – Increased the in combat ranged modifier to 1 from 0.5 for the Bloodcrusher

– – Bloodcrusher size has been changed to Large from Huge

Space Marines

– – Predator Tank max speed increased to 5.7 from 5.2

– – Assault Terminators with Storm Hammers and Thunder Shield

o Increased damage to 90 from 75

o Increased special attack damage to 67 from 65

– – Assault Terminators with Lightning Claws

o Change damage type from Melee Heavy to Power Melee

o Decrease damage to 70 from 95

o Decrease special attack damage to 57 from 72

o Decrease splash damage to 12 from 20

o Removed additional 360 degree damage (20) from special attack

– – Force Commander Terminator Lightning Claws

o Change damage type from Melee Heavy to Power Melee

o Decrease damage to 70 from 100

o Decrease special attack damage to 57 from 72

o Decrease splash damage to 12 from 20

o Removed additional 360 degree damage (20) from special attack

– – Librarian’s Smite ability will no longer sometimes instantly cooldown after firing


– – Fire Prism max speed increased to 5 from 4.5

– – Wraithguard can no longer fire on the move

– – Shuriken Cannon Guardian HP has been reduced to 225 from 275 per member


– – Looted Tank max speed increased to 5.5 from 5


– – Ravener Tunnel HP has been reduced to 175 from 250

Bug Fixes

– – Bloodcrusher now has appropriate upkeep cost

– – Stikkbomb_pvp damage type has been modified to damage units in buildings

– – Plague Marine Champion death explosion will no longer hurt invulnerable units

– – Force Commander and Assault Terminator lightning claw special attack changed from a 0.5 second sweep to an instant pie attack.

– – Ravener Alpha no longer reduces his AV damage modifier by re-equipping the corrosive devourer multiple times

– – The received range damage modifier while fleet of foot is active on a Banshee squad with an Exarch is now exclusive and will no longer stack with other received range damage modifiers

– – The received range damage modifier from Distortion field is now exclusive and will no longer stack with other received range damage modifiers

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March 2010 – Best Game Month in a long time

March is intense this year. Many great releases, dlc’s and expansions to look forward too. These are just a few of the ones that Im looking to get.

XBOX 360:
March 2nd: Resident Evil 5 – Desperate Escape
March 4th: Bad Company 2
March 9th: Final Fantasy XIII
March 19th: BlazBlue – Calamity Trigger
March 19th: Metro 2033 – The Last Refuge

March 12th: Dawn Of War 2 – Chaos Rising
March 18th: Command & Conquer 4

March 29th: Pokemon Heart Gold

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Top 5 Heroes – Heroes Of Newerth

IMPORTANT: This is my personal top 5 like always, what I prefer to play and how I play them. You may consider it wrong, you may think its stupid how I do and that’s okay! Please leave a comment why and what not as well. ^^ Always interesting to read.
Here goes. My top 5, taking the first spot…

Number 5 – Mr Panda

Name: Pandamonium
Type: Strength

I love the panda for a few reasons. One, he is the only “true” tank character I can properly play early game, two his abilities mix so well with each other all helping to stun, slow and stop your opponents heroes completely, and three, he is a panda!

It’s been awhile since I played as the cuddly tank, but when you do well… you usually arm him as a tank. High attack and boost his HP/defense. Use him to fling back your opponents heroes for an easier kill, jump in to them to stun them, use your ulti to immobilize and punch them hard. The panda can be very useful in the right team set up, mix him with another stunner like Magmus and you have a team that can easily disrupt early in bigger fights.

Use his first abilitiy to push lanes and get the last out of heroes HP, it will often get you the last hit if used correctly.

Number 4 – The annoying one

Name: Succubus
Type: Intelligence

Some may laugh at this choice but there is a good reason for me to love this character. No it’s not her boobs. Me and friend played a lot of 2 v 2 games back when we started playing HoN, me being Succubus, and the way she worked out in those games was sick. Being able to stun (mesmerize) one opponent and using succubus hold on the other was insane on 2v2 matchups. And I would not be surprised if many other people use her in that as well.

In bigger games I don’t pick her that often, her abilities are great and again mixed with the right heroes and players she can be a game turner. If you’re going to use her, remember that she is there to support your team, not to make you run around ganking (even if that’s something you could do if you find someone roaming around alone).

Number 3 – The Tower Pusher

Name: Defiler
Type: Intelligence

She is sick, her ulti is sick. If you ever played her and didn’t use your ulti while pushing a tower, you’ve been doing it wrong, unless you’re lvl 4 or something like that. It’s so easy to do and when having Defiler on your team, pushing a tower often ends with your team getting some extra gold and the opponents losing a tower.

But that’s not all of it, she can silence a LARGE area, in a crucial moment this can turn the tide of a battle and together with her ulti and first spell (that I sadly don’t remember the name of). She can deal a lot of damage together with the rest of your team.

That’s it. Not so complicated?

Number 2 – Mana Shield Dude

Name: Electrician
Type: Strength

Okay people, he is a “tank”, but it doesn’t mean he is a heavy hitter, if anything he is there to support your team. His grip is great early game and his together with his ulti late game you can hunt down most heroes. I love electrician for that grip, but his shield is what wins the game in the end. Being able to absorb so much damage with Black Helm and mana regen items, it’s just insane. Send him in there, use your “discharge” ability as I usually call it and take the pain.

Your team should have enough time (if you have a good item set up), to kill the opposing team, and if they don’t go for you, grip the most dangerous hero going for your nuker or other important part of your team.

So play him as a support character that can take a lot of damage, not as a hero that goes in for the kill. Assists (you will have a lot of em) before kills.

Number 1 – Forsaken Archer

Name: Forsaken Archer
Type: Agility

Why archer you ask. Well why not archer I will ask you. Something I always do with archer (and everyone should in my opinion), is to go with her skeleton ability, they are so good early game that it’s not even funny. You get a skeleton from killing the enemy creeps, and from denying your own creeps. They also have a poisoning effect on the enemy, if you go mid as archer and get 3-4 skeletons. Try to stop your opponent with your volley, if you hit them, you’re always almost guaranteed a kill if you’ve been harassing somewhat earlier. This is always a better strategy then trying to get a kill with your ulti, even if that can help you. Volley and skeletons <3.

The skeletons help a lot! Early game you should always try to help gank in lanes where it’s needed, and as soon as both teams reach higher levels, stay in the back using volley and your ulti to assist your team. Even though you have a high damage output (or should have), you’re still an easy kill if the enemy team decides to go for you. Be aware.

Thanks for reading or at least going through my top 5 Heroes Of Newerth heroes!

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Top 10 games of 2009!

So the top 10 games of 2009 in my book, and what I’ve played. Can’t speak for the ones I didn’t try sorry. So lets start on the bottom shall we. On spot number 10…

10: Battlefield 1943
The real reason this game is on this list. It’s not only because it’s a sweet multiplayer game, but also with the fact that it was released is an arcade game, or stand alone multiplayer game if you so wish. That fact just blows me away, cause it really feels as a part of something bigger, I am glad that everyone can get to enjoy some battlefield!

9: Guitar Hero Metallica
Metallica is my favorite band. I can now rock out to their music without concert tickets or real instruments. I think that settles it?

8: Fallout 3
What I love about Fallout 3 is that it appealed to so many people. The action gamers enjoyed the action part of the game, the RPG players enjoyed the depth of the interaction in the game. It also brings more stories to the fallout universe, a universe I hope will never die. If you didn’t enjoy this new Fallout game, but still like good RPs’ I suggest you try Fallout 2, the best game in the series. It’s a great game. One of the best games. PLAY IT.

7: Dawn Of War II
Been a bit slow on RTS games lately, and I love RTS games. Star Craft 2 is not in stores yet and I can’t wait for that, so this will have to do. Dawn Of War 2 based on the Warhammer universe. In the distant future there is only war and you will lead the space marines against a horrible enemy. Good game, great multiplayer (lacking in variety but great non the less).

6: Star Ocean: The Last Hope
Sorry, again, I’m a huge fan of the game series and a new game was released, and it was good. So I have to put it on here, I wrote a semi-review on it just awhile ago so look it up.

5: Heroes Of Newerth
Another game I recently wrote about. What can I say, read it and see what I think. It’s a “copy” of DoTA but a much better game in general. Got a code for it, played it, loved it, can’t get enough of it.

4: Braid
Released ages ago but man, is this a great game or what! Imagine Super Mario with time puzzles! Yes that will give you Braid. A wonderful game to play and look at, and if you can stop playing this without completing it, well than I guess you’re not a big game fan.

3: Mirror’s Edge
I’m from Sweden, the game is Swedish, my favorite colors are red, black and white in a mix, this game gives me that, I love solving puzzles and… well this game kind of gives you that in a “hello-lets hurry-up-they-are-shooting-at-you-and-you-need-to-flee-in-cool-and-awesom-action kind of way.

2: Resident Evil 5
Yes. I love zombies, always been fanatic of them, love old zombie movies. Love Romero’s work and I love Resident Evil. The fifth game never really exploded like the fourth game in the series, yet it’s still a great game that adds on to the Resident Evil story line. With the new co-op mode, this game was the best “friend” game out there this year. Many would say that Left 4 Dead 2 would take that away from Resident Evil, but there is a big difference in game play. Resident Evil 5 fits well with teamwork. Incredible game and should not be missed, especially if you have somebody to play with!

1: Modern Warfare 2
Bought it. Level in it. Nuke in it. Shoot in it. Stab in it. Multiplayer is the deal. Single player is okay but with a bit to many “oh no I’m going to die scenes”.

Love it!
Play it if you like FPS games.
You wont regret it!

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Bang bang bang bang! Vamanos vamanos!

Hello everyone!

Ever heard a great song in a game trailer? Not really wanting to look for it yourself. Well here ya go. 😉
A short list of my favourites. (That I acctualy ended up hearing or looking for).
Thanks to miss \m/ for sharing the song “Still Alive” a while back. ^^

Trailer: Left 4 Dead 2
Song: Electric Worry
Band: Clutch

Trailer: Army Of Two
Song: Runnin’ Wild
Band: Airbourne

Trailer: Gear Of War
Song: Mad World
Artist: Gary Jules

Trailer: Mirrors Edge
Song: Still Alive
Artist: Lisa Miskovsky

Hope you liked it!

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The List! – Remake please!

Som det låter. En fin top-5 lista över sådana spel jag själv skulle vilja se remakes på. Varför? För att jag helt enkelt älskar spelen, och det skulle vara kul att få se det i lite nyare klädsel.

1. Resident Evil 2
Dom gjorde det med första spelet och det blev en höjdare, med ny smak och nya tankar bakom storyn. Resident Evil 2 skulle må bra av samma makeover, att få uppleva ”äkta” zombies i en storstad åter igen. Vilken upplevelse!

2. Silent Hill 2
Tog emot lite att skriva denna skräck klassiker, den bästa delen i Silent Hill serien. Spelet fungerar fortfarande väldigt väldigt bra på PS2. Att se en remake på detta skulle troligen vara mer kosmetiskt än något annat. För det finns inte mycket som skulle kunna bli bättre. Skräcken, musiken, stilen.

3. Parasite Eve.
Ett spel som tyvärr inte kom till oss i Europa, men självklart införskaffade jag det ändå. Detta var ett av de spel som sög in mig i RPG svängen och i kombination med actionkänslan som hela spelet gav, var det nog en bra början. Välskriven berättelse och mycket svängar och händelser som drar in. Är detta en självklar kandidat.

4. Shadow Run
Orginalet! Inte Shadow Run som kom för några år sedan och gav oss alla tårar i ögonen för att Snes versionen var en klassiker och detta var någon typ av missfoster i jämförelse. Nu när jag sitter här och tänker tillbaka på spelet och känslan så får jag lust att koppla in mitt Snes igen… det blir nog snart! Nästa ”Retro Time” kommer nog beröra detta spel.

5. Pong.
PONG EXTREME! Jag vill se. Med egen kontroll såklart.

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Top 10 videogame women

Vad hittar man om man surfar på youtube lite för länge? 😀 Trevliga videos! Även om det inte är helt… Genus anpassat. 😉

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