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Minecraft coming to Xbox 360

I already mentioned this in the post about Microsoft’s EA conference. So here are two videos for your viewing pleasure. 🙂



Thieves and cops, gangsters and peacekeepers, bad guys and good guys, all jammed together in one huge open beta package. APB is an action packed MMORPG game, and you take the role of a criminal or a cop. Lets’ start out with the basics now shall we.

As I mentioned, the first thing you need to decide on is if you want to fight for crime or peace. The difference mostly being what kind of weapons and gear you get, the characters you meet during the “story” and cosmetics. Once decided you get to create your character, and this is vast, if you’ve played any game like fallout 3 or Mass Effect, you will know what I’m talking about. I will actually mention more on this later, let’s just skip ahead for now.

After you’ve created your character you will enter a Tutorial world, were you get to try the game out, I advise you to stay here for a bit and learn the controls and how the game works. Training on your aiming and movement, because it will decide if you live or die in missions once you enter the proper game.

The world is filled with different characters that are bound to the game, these are located in different hubs where you can get ammo, your personal car, check your email and buy new weapons and gear. By pledging to one of these characters you will be able to level up your connection with that person. The more missions you complete while pledged, the character will send you emails, get you new equipment and finally: prefer you to new characters in the world. This is how you unlock your way to harder missions and more of everything APB!

The game is essentially made with a mix of RPG and 3d person action games. If you’ve played a lot of GTA you will quickly recognize yourself in the play style and handling of your character. You run around in a sandbox world with other players from both sides of the spectrum of good and evil. There are also plenty of different cars and civilians in the world which makes this feel even more like GTA (in a good way).

When you feel ready, you can easily start looking for missions, in a group of buddies or alone. Missions are found by simply clicking “ready”, after a few seconds a random mission will start fitting to your level. You will be informed where you need to go and what to do, and at the same time, a team or player from the opposing side will get a mission to stop you. There are several different missions and they will change somewhat depending on how long you’ve come with the different characters in the game.

The system can be somewhat awkward at first, you will be confused and shot down often in the first few attempts at these missions. The longer you stick with it the more fun you will have, you will learn how the fighting takes place, how to shoot and where to hide with the biggest chance of winning a firefight. The biggest problem I have with the system is how they pair you with enemy teams and other players. At times you will be playing against people that have a huge level and equipment advantage. The good thing is that it doesn’t mean you’re going to lose automatically, it just means that you will need to try a lot harder to win.

This game is HUUUUUUUUUUGE on customization! You can change the color and design of your clothes, fill your skin with tattoos and scars, make a personal design for your car and even a personal music theme that plays every time you kill someone or win a mission. APB Reloaded love to show this off and it even allows you to sell your designed items on a market for in game money.

The customizing of your character and clothes and cars even got its’ own world within the game. The social area, which is made just for you show of your creations, sell them and create new ones. If you’re a design freak, this will open a whole new experience for you when it comes to character customization.

I’m not really going to go far in to this, the controls are what they are for this kind of game. You can sprint, sit, stand, reload, use grenades and items and the more hotkeys and short commands you learn the better. The controls works fine for what it is and I really can’t see how it could have been done better than it is now. The only real problems with the controls are the fact that you get a lot of delay at the times when the servers are a bit busy. But it works.

The graphics are also great
 to look at that is. The problem right now is the few graphic bugs that can occur, like invisible walls that all of a sudden turn in to a building. You will quickly learn where this happens and how to work around it, but it’s still something that needs to be fixed.

If you want a good story and missions that take you further in some kind of singe player mode, this is not a game for you. If you like a good action MMO with a lot of customization and a fun experience with other players this is it. You need to remember that this game is still in a beta version of it new self. There are some graphic issues and lag when the servers start to fill up. The game is FUN and that’s the most important thing when it comes to a game that I just got for free. If I have fun with it, the small errors and bugs can stay. Of course they’re working hard to remove them in the future.
The feel of cooperating with your friends on missions and roaming in a modern town world is great. The lag is still the biggest issue for me, a tip is to roam the world a bit before starting up missions so that it can load up properly. The lag shouldn’t be to much of a problem after that.
I will recommend everyone to try this game, it’s free to try and download and if you end up not liking it, just uninstall it.

+ Customizing
+ Fun co-op like game play
+ GTA like world

– Lag
– More vehicles please


Beta Key Give away – Heroes Of Newerth!

Got 4 beta keys and im willing to give em away, just give me a comment here and an email and I will contact you! (Your email will be removed from the comment as soon as I answear it).

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Heroes Of Newerth – Open Beta!

NOW!… Well not now, but in 2 days, the game will open up for everyone to join in the fun. Even all of you DotA lovers can join and try it out and tell us all how much you hate it and how much it sucks compared to.. yea. Anyway, it’s soon open for everyone and I guess my last 4 invites will go or… Hm we’ll see about that.

For a countdown til the very day it happens:

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Warhammer Online – Endless free trial

So no, you dont need to buy Warhammer Online game in store anymore. You can simply download the client, this will give you a endless trial of the game (lvl cap is set at 10 though). So if you ever wanted to try the game out, you should do so know, it’s just a simple download away. If you then feel that you enjoy the game so much that you want to continue playing, it’s only an upgrade away. It’s like most other games though and its a monthly payment.

More Info and download here:

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Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun – Free Download!

Free? Yes. Cause they’ve decided to make it freeware. So right now, at this very moment you can download C&C Tiberian Sun from their website for free! One of the best games in the Tiberian series. ^^ Also free for download: Red Alert 1, and expansions for Tiberian Sun

Go here for more info and download:

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Free To Play – Battleforge!

Thank you EA and thank you for using Twitter. The follwing message was just posted and I was well impressed.

EA BattleForge (@battleforge) is now free to play. Check out: for more details and a download link<

Here it is:

So if you been wanting to try this game, now is a good chance for you to do so. Me for one, will do it. As soon as I’ve written that Guitar Hero – Metallica review. And Modern Warfare 2 trailer analysis. And all my school work (priority one at the moment).

Enjoyt it!

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Team Fortess 2 – Free Play Weekend!

Ofcourse you’re all gonna join in and try it for free if you dont already have it? I do have it for xbox360, and I honestly have not looked in to if the updates are applied to that aswell (for a cost or free or whatever really). But now I get the chance to try it on the computer. 😀 Awesome, thank you Valve!

You will need steam to try this free play weekend so if you dont have steam, go get it!

Here for the pre-download:

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E-Repbubliken – SamhĂ€llssimulator?

Vi har alla sÀtt dom, World Of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Warhammer online och sÄ vidare. Spelen som lockar online spelare in i en fantasy vÀrld dÀr du styr en karaktÀr (och fler om sÄ vill) för att utföra uppdrag, quests och trÀffa mÀnniskor. En faktor som alltid har gjort att dessa spelen vÀxer i en otrolig fart. Spela med andra Àr framtiden för en riktigt lyckad försÀljning. Vilket har visats gÄng pÄ gÄng.

Men vad sÀgs om man inte Àr den dÀr, extrema gamern som vill springa runt och samla saker, för den trogne facebook anvÀndare och företagaren som kanske faktiskt inte kÀnner att just nÄgot av de nÀmnda spelen Àr nÄgot för dom?

DÄ Àr det bara att hoppa in i: E-Repbuliken!


Ett online spel dÀr du jobbar, Àter, startar företag, blir politiker, startar egna tidningar, blir soldat och jobbar dig uppÄt i herarkin. Allt detta i din egna trofasta takt och med dina egna val. E-Republik sÀtter dig lÀnst ner pÄ en stege, sen igenom karriÀr val och jobb sÄ fÄr du snart ansöka om högre positioner och tillslut Àven starta eget företag med kapital och anstÀllda (som sÄklart Àr andra anvÀndare).


En storslagen ide pĂ„ ett grafiskt minimalistiskt sĂ€tt, inga stora vĂ€rldan att springa vilse i, inga gömda skatter (vad jag vet?), utan en slags online simulator av en politisk vĂ€rld… eller rĂ€ttaresagt, vĂ„r helt egna vĂ€rld.

Trött pÄ att jobba bakom kassan pÄ ica. NÀsta stop:

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