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Ubisoft E3 Conference – What I liked

And what about Ubisoft’s E3 conference and how they did, and what I found interesting. It’s kind of interesting how everyone said that Ubisoft was the worst conference so far. I will just say that I don’t agree, they showed a lot of interesting titles and they’ve learned from the past. It was fun, games that deserved time got it, times that needed less time had less time and so on. The only real complaint being that the Rayman demo took a bit to long, but it was fun to watch and so it’s fine.

There was a lot of interesting things here so let’s just take a quick look on each game here shall we? If needed, I will just make a separate post later if it’s interesting enough. So here we go:

Not a huge title and not something I’m going to discuss further then: it looked fun and sometimes you need a fun side scroller.

I’m not a huge fan of the earlier Farcry games, but the feeling from the whole idea of “insanity” made me interested in it. The look of it is okay, not nearly as good as other first person games that have been shown so far. I bet all of you out there that enjoyed the other Farcry games will be looking forward to this.

Thank you Ubisoft! Finally! God I’m so thrilled about this game now. I’ve always been a huge sucker for co-op, not multiplayer craziness but co-op, where you and your friends fight through missions with all the skills and laughs you can muster. They just showed us a good looking FPS game with a 4-player enabled co-op. If I find 2-3 other guys to play this with, I will be playing this shortly after release!

Guess what, they’re releasing a online FPS game. Guess what? It will be free. Guess what? I’m guessing it will be fun!

I’m going to let the trailer talk for itself here. I will probably make a post about this game later on anyway. ^^ (Also: LOVE THE SONG!)


Battlefield: Heroes – Beta Key;thumb;5

Dags att skaffa en beta key och hänga med in i all action! 😀 Håller på just nu och kan säga mer när jag väl testat. 😉

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Dawn Of War 2 – Single Player Demo

För alla er som inte än har skaffat Dawn Of War 2 i rädsla om att det kanske inte riktigt är något för er. Så har det nu kommit en singleplayer demo för att minska på folks tvivel till spelet. Själv har jag alltid tyckt att Multiplayer är där RTS spel skall vara. Men singleplayer är heltklart värt ett speltest. Testa på. Har ni Steam är det en lättskaffad demo.

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Red Faction: Guerilla demo.

Håller just nu på att laddas ner till min xbox. Och imorgon kanske jag skriver om upplevelse. Älskade dom gammla spelen och får se om detta också är något att ha. 🙂

För att få demon till xbox360 eller PS3. Gå in på, registera dig och få en kod. 🙂

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